Verizon Wireless/HP Netbook

I was asked, actually, a while ago to review an HP netbook from Verizon Wireless. I had it for a bit, taking it with me whenever I left the house.

Netbook opened

The only downside to the netbook was that it’s a Windows machine. With Windows 7, hopefully, that will change. Or, for those willing to get their hands dirty, the unit can supposedly be “hackintoshed” to run Snow Leopard… Which gives the owner a small, cheap Macintosh-like netbook!

Turning on Netbook

The best part of the netbook to me was it’s small size. It feels a lot like carrying a book, and I could carry that netbook and another book/notepad in one hand easily. It also was easy to slip into the side of my camera bag to carry along.

Netbook Running

The second best part was the size of the keyboard. While smaller than normal, it was easy to use, even for someone with large hands like me. Other than adjusting position from where I’m used to typing on my MacBook Pro, I had no problem typing fast.

Netbook Screen

Wireless connectivity was easy, and broadband was just as simple. Both seemed to work very well. Also, the unit had easily accessible USB and Ethernet ports. The most confusing part to me was that the power button and WiFI on/off where located in the front and worked similarly; I would end up turning off wireless without realizing it. I don’t think that would be a real problem after getting used to it more.

Netbook ports

The HP Netbook seems to be a great choice for someone wanting a machine they can carry around while traveling, running errands, etc., and it does a great job at running programs like Tweetdeck. I’d love to have one to take with me when I’m out doing photography work to get stuff loaded quickly, from the site where I’m shooting. Of course, it’s not as small as my iPhone, but I’d love the ability to quickly upload photos I take with a dslr instead of the iPhone camera.

Netbook plug

I think Verizon is coming out with a Windows 7 model available, but, especially if you’re going to hackintosh a netbook, look for the HP 1151NR… you might be able to find them cheap!

Netbook backlight

Netbook trackpad

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