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BIC contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would be willing to review their latest BIC Flex Multi-Purpose Lighter. At first, I thought I wouldn’t, but then I thought that not all of you, my readers, use a propane torch attached to a tank to light your grills! I’ve used lots of long-necked lighters over the years to light charcoal chimneys, and most of them have failed pretty quickly. They work for about a dozen or so lights, then quit on me. I figured it would be worth checking out the BIC to see if it fares any better.

Mult Flex BBQ Lighter.jpg

The packaging was simple, and not too difficult to get into… I hate all the new packaging that takes a diamond blade to get into anymore! The lighter has an easily-depressed button on the back to all the trigger igniter to work. There’s a hook on the bottom, maybe so that you can hook the lighter to your Batman-esque utility belt, if you happen to use one of those for grilling purposes.

I only got the lighter last week, and it’s rained a lot, so I haven’t been lighting a lot of charcoal chimneys with it. I have been testing it against another lighter I picked up at my local home improvement store, and I’ve been lighting both regularly to see which fails first.

The two things that the BIC doesn’t have that the other does are the ability to adjust the flame and the ability to refuel. At $4.99, though, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve had several refuelable lighters, but the lighter won’t light after a short time; I’d just as soon just get a new lighter if it’s dependable.

But that’s the real test, right? Is the BIC up to snuff against a fancier flex-neck lighter?

Well, the home improvement store model quit lighting dependably after about 100 lights (I forgot to write down the exact number). The BIC has, so far, gone over 200,a nd it’s lit the first try on all but one try. So my verdict is that this is a pretty decent lighter for your chimney lighting needs, or candle lighting, or propane grill lighting, or whatever lighting needs you have that require a 6″ flexible neck.

I love my propane torch, but, if it’s not handy, I won’t be worried about flicking my BIC to light my grill!

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