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I got an email a while ago from Brandon of Man Cave, asking me to review some of the stuff. I looked at their site ( and found some interesting stuff. Man Cave has set up the guy version of a trunk party… Instead of fake jewelry and purses, Man Cave gives guys the chance to try some really interesting sounding grilling stuff instead. Sounded great to me!

Brandon was kind enough to send me a very generous package of product to try out, with brats and burgers of several varieties. The burgers sounded interesting… They were stuffed with not just cheese, but with bbq beef, pulled pork AND cheese and wrapped up in hamburger.

The brats were buffalo bleu cheese in one package, tomato basil in another, and black and bleu in yet another.

I’ve had prepackaged burgers and brats before, and, even though these sounded interesting, my hopes were not too high that the result would live up to the idea. I still started up the grill to give them a try.

Some friends, Tim and Lisa, came over to sample all this with my wife and me. I fired up the Weber kettle and got things going. What I found was that the brats cooked up really nicely on the medium heat portion of a three zone fire, while the burgers got a decent sear and finished on the cooler side of the grill. The burgers kept their shape and size pretty well, and the brats looked great when they came off. Still, looks and taste aren’t the same thing.

So we all got our samples ready. I bit into a burger first, and found out that the stuffing of bbq beef and pulled pork with cheddar was really different… and pretty damn good! So I moved on to the brats. The tomato basil were a bit more sophisticated than I expected of Man Cave, but very good. The buffalo bleu had a nice tanginess from the bleu cheese. And then the black and bleu, with blackened seasoning added, was really good.

I have to admit, my low expectations were unfair and very much exceeded. Man Cave sent me the package to try out for free, with the foreknowledge that I’d give it a fair review… So my fair review is that this stuff is worth trying! If you’re inclined to try throwing a party, you can even make a few bucks while throwing what will turn out to be a really great cookout for your guy friends. Heck, make it an even better day… Get your wife to throw a trunk party, at someone else’s house, put the game on the flatscreen, and have all the husbands of the women at the trunk party come over to try out some really great grilled food!

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