Greensbury Market Organic Steaks

A while ago, I received a package of steaks from Greensbury Market, a purveyor of organic meats. They very generously sent me some organic Black Angus ribeyes. The beef is from grassfed cattle, and was dry aged for 21 days.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did receive these steaks free of charge, but I’m impressed with the prices Greensbury Market charges… Their ribeyes are just $14.95! Try finding organice, grassfed beef for that price at a local grocery. Information about the beef at Greensbury Market can be found on their site. Along with the ribeyes, I also got skirt steak and burgers, a really nice sampling.

Package of meat

The packaging was nicely done… simple and classic, and the steaks were nicely marbled. The one problem I have with most packaged steaks like this, however, is that they’re thinner than I prefer my steaks to be, and these were no exception, but they weren’t too thin, either. To fairly try the steaks, I only seasoned with salt and pepper, though that’s also the way I season most steaks, anyway. I let them sit for a bit to get closer to room temperature before grilling, then grilled them over a hot fire (about 500 degrees), searing each side, but not oversearing.

package of steak

ready to grill

The steaks came out really nicely, and they were very tender. Black Angus isn’t my favorite beef cattle, but it’s good, and these steaks surprised me a bit. The flavor was milder than other Black Angus, especially grassfed. If you have had grassfed beef before and thought it was a bit stronger in taste but didn’t like that, I would give Greensbury Market a try.

grilling steaks

I don’t have photos of the burgers or skirt steak, but the skirt steak took seasoning very well, as I grilled them with some soy sauce and honey, along with chiles to make tacos, and they were very good. The burgers were a great color, much darker red then a lot of burgers can be, and the flavor was very good.

I’d recommend Greensbury Market to anyone looking for a source of organic, grassfed beef. If you like a bit more robust flavor in your steaks, there may be other sources, but the burgers and skirt steak I recommend across the board. To put this in context a bit, I like a steak with a bit more beefiness to it, but my wife likes a steak more like these, with good flavor but not overwhelming.

steak dinner

Thanks Emily and Greensbury Market for the chance to try some really great beef! Greensbury Market looks like a well-priced source of beef (as well as chicken and pork) that is organic, raised on good stuff and certified organic, on farms that are self-sustaining.

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