Butterball/Masterbuilt Indoor Turkey Fryer

I was asked if I wanted to try out an indoor turkey fryer recently, and I said of course!  To be upfront on this, I received a Butterball/Masterbuilt Professional Electric Turkey Fryer from the company at no charge.  As with all my reviews, though, no guarantee of anything except a review to be done was given.

A couple of nice things about this fryer that were apparent to me right away:

  • The fryer holds up to 2 gallons of oil, which means it holds temperature better than smaller fryers
  • The fryer tub is removable to clean.  In fact, the fryers comes apart pretty easily
  • The basket will actually hold up to a 14 lbs turkey, but can also be used for a crawfish boil or to fry other things
  • The stainless steel finish looks to be easy to clean
  • The plug breaks off easily as it’s held on magnetically.  This means that, if the cord gets caught, i will disconnect instead of knocking the fryer over

Things that I think could be done a bit better:

  • The basket hook could have a handle that’s easier to hold.  It’s sturdy, but somewhat thin
  • The hook also can be difficult to get off of the handle of the basket, which could cause splattering of oil while trying to disconnect it
  • Digital controls would be nicer than a dial, especially showing the current oil temperature

The operation was simple.  I put in 2 gallons of oil, or almost, as not quite the whole 2 gallons would fit.  I set the temperature all the way up to 375F, and started getting the turkey ready.  I just patted the bird dry, making sure no ice crystals were in the turkey, then seasoned with just sal and pepper.  The fryer took about 30 minutes to get up to temperature.  The turkey was about 10.5 lbs, and it fit very easily in the fryer basket.  The manual that came with the fryer clearly showed that the turkey should sit breast-side up in the basket (the same way most people would place a turkey on a platter).

The manual also says to allot 3.5-4 minutes per pound, but I had a slight electrical problem that extended this time a bit.  I measured in the breast meat and the thigh to ensure the bird reached 165F.

The skin came out nice and crispy, and the bird was moist and tender.

The fryer did a GREAT job, and, even with the electrical problem, the bird wasn’t greasy or dried out at all!  I would definitely recommend the Butterball fryer for home use!

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