Burgers’ Smokehouse Grilling Bacon Review

A while ago (and I have to apologize for this being so long in coming!), Tara, respresenting Burgers’ Smokehouse, asked me to do a review of Bacon Steak Cuts. They sent me a package of regular bacon and a package of peppered bacon to try out.

What’s different about this bacon is that it’s thick. I mean THICK, which is why they call them bacon steak cuts. They’re 1/4″ thick, in fact, which is pretty thick for bacon. This is thick enough that it can go on a grill grate without needing extra support or a pan of any sort; it sits on the great just fine. The one thing to make sure of, though, is to have a drip pan under the bacon to avoid grease fires on the grill… After everything is said and done, it’s still cured pork belly!

I put several slices on the grill, with a 3 zone fire started, and put the bacon on the cool side of the grill. The lid went on, and I left the bacon for a while. After about 6-7 minutes, I went out and turned the bacon. It was browning nicely, and starting to look very very very tasty! About 5 more minutes, and the bacon came off the cool side of the grill. It was crisped up, just how I like it.

I tried a bite… With the thickness, it’s a big hit of baconness right off the bat! It’s good stuff, definitely. One thing I did notice is that it’s a bit extra-salty. I know bacon is salty anyway, and I don’t know if it’s just the thickness causes it to come across as saltier than usual, but the salt stood out a bit too much when eating the bacon on its own. On the peppered bacon, just a point of personal preference, I would like to see even more pepper on the edges of the bacon. When i tried the bacon on a sandwich with tomato, the saltiness settled down, and the sandwich was great. The bacon comes out crisp yet has a bit of chew to it, in a good way.

I haven’t found Burgers’ Bacon Steak Cuts locally, but I have had some local bacon cut thick like this is. Thanks to Burgers’ Smokehouse, thick is my favorite way to have bacon, and grilling it works much better than I expected! My conclusion is that this is definitely worth a try; you may switch to thicker than thick like I have! As you can see in the photo on the grill, this makes great grilled pig candy, too.

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