brinkmann 2 burner gas grill

I recently was given a Brinkmann 2 Burner Gas Grill by Home Depot to try out. I wanted to put it through it’s paces a few times before finishing my review, which I’ve done now, so here goes!

First of all, let’s talk about assembly. The box wasn’t overly heavy, and I had no problem getting it in the cart at Home Depot, into the car, and out again. This is what came in the box:

The base was mostly already in one piece, and the main grill was assembled completely. I had to put on the wheels, the feet on the other legs, the grease catcher and the shelves. That was about it. The main grill fit very easily onto the base. The instructions say to have two people, but I put it together, correctly, in less than 20 minutes!

The grill moves around easily with the wheels provided, and the shelves give a nice amount of space for working while grilling. The grates are coated metal, and there’s a wire second grate to move things from the main grill to either cook slower or keep warm.

Burgers went on the grill first. To heat up the grill, I turned the right burner on. A built in pezzio lighter worked very well, and the control felt well made. I used to have a gas grill where the controls were really flimsy, and the lighter only worked once. This Brinkmann worked much better than that.

Once the first burner was lit, the second (left) lit easily from that by turning it to “high”. I lowered the temperture to the “medium” range and put the burgers on the grate.

For a smaller grill, this cooked the burgers just fine. There were some flair ups, and the bottom of the grill is somewhat open. The unit got hot enough that I wouldn’t open the metal-handled lid without heat protection (a welding glove in my case). Though the burgers flared up a lot and smoked a bit, they cooked very nicely and evenly.

The second test was bratwurst. For this, I heated up the grill and turned the burners to a “medium” to “medium low” setting. The brats went on the grates and cooked more slowly, as they were thicker than the burgers. Even on the lower setting, the grates got a bit too hot, and a couple of the brats got a bit to dark, but not too bad.


Brats and buns

I also grilled the buns, which worked out ok, though the wider grate made buns a bit tougher to turn. it does help meat not fall through the grate as easily, though.



The Brinkmann 2 Gas Grill was very easy to assemble. It’s lightweight, and not as sturdy as other grills might be. However, it’s only $99, so I didn’t expect it to be the same type of construction as much more expensive grills. I was able to put it together with no problems.

Cooking was pretty easy on the grill, as it started well and heated up quickly. If you read my blog much at all, you know that I’m a fan of wood and charcoal. It would be very easy to use a smoke box or add foil packets with wood chips, and, in situations where charcoal is too much of a mess, this is a good alternative for meals for 2-4 people.

The heat control was okay, but not fantastic. The lowest setting could be a bit lower. The grill isn’t well insulated at all, and with the bottom being fairly open, I don’t know how a beer can chicken would do on the grill. I think I’d want to put a pan underneath to catch any grease that might drip.

I don’t know if I’d recommend this for apartment dwellers unless they’re on the first floor. I know some states have laws that say no grills at all, and for good reason, as they can cause fire. However, on the first floor, this grill would provide quick heat up, easy cleanup and good portability, as well as having shelves for workspace.

Since the Brinkmann 2 Burner Gas Grill is lightweight, it also is a good grill to take along when you need an easily portable grill for a picnic or small get together. Charcoal or wood is difficult in those situations because you have to do something with the hot coals, but this grill just needs a tank of propane, and it cools down pretty quickly, too, so you don’t have to wait forever to pack it up.

All in all, I’d recommend this grill for the situations I listed. If you like gas and have a need for pretty easy portability it cooks well and the controls seem well made.

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