I’ve been doing more reviews lately, so I thought it might be helpful to separate them from the normal blog posts.

If you have a product that’s cooking related, I may be willing to do a review of it. I know some bloggers prefer not doing reviews, as it can be perceived negatively. Well, here’s my “Review Philosphy” (who knew I had a philosophy at all, let alone about reviews???):

  • I only do reviews of products I think are of interest to the blog. This means I’m more likely to do reviews of barbecues/grills/accessories or bread related books/baking tools than I am of dainty new cupcake paper cups or cake decorating tools.
  • I will give my honest opinion of what I’m reviewing. This means that I’m going to point out both good and bad. What this doesn’t mean, though, is that, if I’m not really keen on a product, I’m going to bash it or post a purely negative review. I was asked to do a sauce review last year, and the sauce just wasn’t much of anything to me. It reminded me of a quick and easy sauce I made as a kid. The company asked me about the review, and I responded that I’d be glad to post one, but I told them basically what my response was. It just didn’t make sense to post a review that wouldn’t give any real benefit to the reader or the product. I’d rather do a review that shows pros and cons in such a way as to give good information to someone reading it.


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