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I’m announcing a new blogging group, the Outdoor Cooking Guild!


What is the Outdoor Cooking Guild?  It’s pretty simple; it’s a group of bloggers that concentrate on outdoor cooking in many forms, whether grilling, barbecuing, Cuban pig roasts, outdoor bread ovens or dutch oven campfire cooking.

There are groups and web rings for more particular topics, but this is a unique group of bloggers that know how to tame fire and cook outside better than inside.  From high tech gadgets to low tech campfires, this is about getting out of the house and feeding people.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, it’s currently a no-cost thing to do.  Just email me at curt(at)livefireonline.com (replace the (at) with @) with your name, contact information and blog address.  If the blog provides appropriate content, you’ll be sent information and badges to include on your blog.


  • Well Seasoned Blog - Angie Quaale has an incredible site, with a very strong barbecue background, from Canada (OCG is international with our first addition!)
  • No Excuses BBQ – Paul Haight’s blog from the Pacific Northwest, based mainly in the barbecue world
  • The BBQ Grail – Larry Gaian’s blog about all things barbecue, from Rocklin, California
  • Marks Black Pot – Mark Hansen’s Dutch oven cooking blog, where he shares his obsession with outdoor Dutch oven cooking
  • Bob’s Brew & ‘Que – Robert Fukushima’s blog about dedicated to his passions for BBQ, brewing, wine and how food and drink matters in life
  • Cowgirl’s Country Life – Cowgirl Jeanie’s blog about outdoor country cookin’
  • My Year on the Grill – David Scott’s blog – “The suburban Cul de Sac is where it’s at and my Back yard is becoming the place to be… Come see the fun”
  • Indirect Heat - BBQ Dude fell in love with BBQ while living in Texas and has been a student of the art ever since
  • Nibble Me This – Chris G’s blog about just about anything, but featuring his cooking on a Big Green Egg and exemplary photog skills… I’m a bit jealous, but hope to learn from him!
  • Qlog – John Shepard’s blog – “Follow John as he journies through the world of BBQ; grilling, smoking and a little beer drinking!”
  • Diva Q Competition BBQ & Food Adventures” – Danielle Dimovski from team Diva Q posts great info about Competition BBQ, all things BBQ and general foodie adventures
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