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To celebrate the talent and creativity of fellow food lovers, I am going to (when I am able to) select a “Friday Food Fave” to showcase here on Livefire.

How do I pick Friday Food Faves?  As I see people blog about their favorite food posts around the interwebz, I’m going to instead pick a few phood photos that I really like, ask permission to use them, then pick one as the weekly winner!  It’s going to be just that easy!

For the first Friday Food Fave in a while, I found a great shot on Google+. I’m finding great photography resources and people there, and that platform seems to support communities around photography really well. For January 18, 2013, Hyrum Rappleye posted a simple but great shot of frying eggs. It’s simplicity made it just look right to me. Hyrum’s website is Raplje Photo. He doesn’t have a lot of food stuff up there yet, but he does have some great photos. Maybe this will get him to put up a food gallery, too!

For Friday, August 24, 2012, I found a really great looking (potentially) vegetarian dish, a Fig, Ricotta and Honey Tart, from the Wimpy Vegetarian! She was kind enough to let me feature her photo of the tart here. I love love love fresh figs this time of the year, and this tart just looks perfect! The photo is used with permission, originally posted on the Wimpy Vegetarian. The proscuitto is supposedly optional; in my book, if proscuitto can be included, it’s not optional!

For August 3, 2012, I found some almonds that made me want to eat them. That’s all it takes… I’m just looking for a photo that tells me something in just that photo. This week’s winner is a fellow Verizon Wireless Savvy Gourmet, Cassie Laemmli of Bake Your Day, with Sriracha Soy and Sesame Almonds. Yum!

And starting things back up after over 2 1/2 years off, we have a new Friday Food Fave from Christo Gonzales from his blog ChezWhat? Thanks for the entry of stuffed squash blossom with basil pesto alfredo
and roasted red pepper sauce!

I’m a bit late getting last week’s winner up, but John Dawson of Patio Daddio BBQ submitted these incredible looking Sweet-n-Sassy BBQ Almonds for December 18, 2009. I just wanted to grab a handful!

Sweet & Sassy BBQ Almonds

Greg of Nicole and Greg came up with the Friday Food Fave winner for December 11, 2009. The winner is a shot of BBQ Blue Bison Burgers. There are more and more great shots being submitted for Friday Food Faves, but this one made me want to drive to Pittsburgh to get my hands on one of these!

BBQ Blue Bison Burgers

For the week ending December 4, 2009, Mike from Another Pint Please wins Friday Food Faves. Mike’s a great guy and shows off his grilling and beer making with fantastic photography.

Grilled Carrots

For the week ending November 27, 2009, the Friday Food Fave winner is a great looking butternut squash soup, by Tiffany Whitten, who usually makes fantastic cakes, as you can see on her site here.
Butternut Squash

The first winner is Tim Bryan of Green Leaf BBQ with an awe-inspiring salt-crusted prime ribeye grilled on his Big Green Egg, November 20, 2009.
Salt Crusted Ribeye


  1. Thanks for featuring me Curt!

  2. Thanks for the mention and the kind words, Curt.
    Patio Daddio recently posted..Sherry-Shallot Glaze for ChickenMy Profile

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