I’m not sure how I neglected posting this already, but it’s now months past our annual wine party at the McAdams household! We generally have had our parties at the end of October, calling them HalloWine parties; this year, however, timing was different, and we ended up having the party the 2nd weekend of November, ... Read More »

The 9th Annual HalloWine Party

The 9th annual McAdams HalloWine party was this weekend, a weekend we look forward to each year. This year was a week later than usual, which actually turned out well; the time change was that night, and everyone got an extra hour to sleep after the party! The party is themed each year based on ... Read More »

PFB3 – Luxury Dinner Party

Thank you all for voting for my pho in round 2 of Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog! Out of the original 650 or so blogs that started, I’m at least in the top 200 thanks to everyone! Now it’s time for round 3, a luxury dinner party! If you like what you see, please vote for ... Read More »

More on the Beringer Vineyards Great Steak Challenge

There have been some fun things in the works with the Beringer Vineyards Great Steak Challenge.  First, all of you that won carving sets and gave me your address should have received your prize by now.  I also got one, and I have to say that they’re really nice! And I got this from Jeffrey ... Read More »

Beringer Great Steak Challenge Giveaway

Beringer Vineyards and the Deen Brothers (Bobby and Jamie) are currently seeking grillmasters and cooks to help celebrate two things that go oh-so-well together… Steak and wine! With the Beringer Great Steak Challenge, you can enter an original steak recipe, select a fantastic Beringer wine to pair with it, and win a trip to Napa ... Read More »

HalloWine Party 2009

Every year around Halloween, we have a wine party at my house, inviting everyone we can to join us. We’ve called it the McAdams Wine Party before, but changed it to what we like better, the HalloWine party. Each year brings a new theme to the party. In the past we’ve done themes that include: ... Read More »

smoke/braised short ribs

Short ribs aren’t the same as other ribs. I’m not going to get into the technical stuff, but the short ribs are from the area on a steer that would correspond to spare ribs on a pig. Part of what this means is that they’re pretty fatty. The meat is also great on short ribs ... Read More »

wine party 2008

Earlier this month, my wife and I threw our 5th annual McAdams Wine Party.  The first couple of years of the party were kind of forming what has become the party now, with varying success then. I’d been told that wine parties are supposed to have 8 or fewer people, but we’ve found we prefer ... Read More »

Grilled Meal – Pork Chops and Caprese Salad

I wanted to do some stuff on my Big Green Egg last week, so I got some really thick pork chops and the makings of caprese salad (what I understand to be tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil), along with some ciabatta bread. The set up was easy; get some coals going on the egg ... Read More »

Foie Gras

Here it is at last! The foie gras I’d been so looking forward to preparing and eating. The big question: was it worth it? The answer: a definite YES! This stuff is like heaven on a fork. Here’s the progression of how things went: If you look at any posts this week, they’ll most likely ... Read More »

Wine Party 2007

It’s been a hectic few days getting ready for last night. My wife and I had our 5th annual wine party. We’ve gone from just a few people, to a dozen to twenty. That’s about 2 1/2 times what is recommended for a wine party, but we don’t care… We’re not trying to do a ... Read More »

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