Indian Creek Distillery

Indian Creek Distillery

I grew up in a small town in Ohio. There may not have been lots to do, but we didn’t seem to care. We had a lot of fun, and found our own things to do, like going by the “haunted” barn on Staley Road. The story was that a man caught his wife with ... Read More »

Scotch-Inspired American Whiskeys

Scotch-Inspired American Whiskeys

In my view of the whisk(e)y world, there’s a pretty general hierarchy of whisk(e)y types: Scotch whisky (And even within Scotch, a hierarchy of Islay, Island, northern Highland, other Highland and Speyside, Campbeltown and Lowlands) American rye whiskey Bourbon Irish whiskey Japanese and other world whiskies trying to mimic Scotch whisky Canadian whiskey Before going ... Read More »

Derby Day Step 2 – Trial 1

Derby Day Step 2 – Trial 1

After 1 day of infusing, I tried a mint julep with the bourbon infused with pecans. The julep making is simple: 4-5 mint leaves 1 teaspoon Maguey Sweet Sap or light molasses 2 – 2 1/2 ounces pecan infused bourbon Lots of ice Muddle the leaves in a tall glass, then add the Maguey Sweet ... Read More »

Ardbeg Galileo

There’s been some hype around the latest Ardbeg offering, Galileo. It’s been released in “limited” quantities to celebrate an experiment going on with Ardbeg whisky being aged in space. This isn’t a space-aged whisky, but only celebrates it. Ardbeg, in typical fashion, toured around with a semi truck pulling a big rocket, giving tastings here ... Read More »

Rearranging My Whisky Shelf

As 2013 hits, and we’re already into February, I’m working on a new approach to my whisky postings. I’m about there. It seemed like a good day to rearrange my whisky shelf. It had gotten a bit out of order. Here’s my current inventory, with potentially a couple new single casks, a Knob Creek and ... Read More »

Dramooie Milkshake

How often do you find yourself in a dilemma where you want something dessert-like, but you also want a dram of something or other?  Should you get a bowl of ice cream or a bit of that Talisker 18 you’ve been jonesing to open? Why choose, when you can have both?  That’s right…  a mix ... Read More »

The Rusty Nail

About two years ago, I was at a restaurant with my wife and some friends in Michigan, and I ordered a rusty nail. The waiter looked at me for just a second, then replied, “Good for you.” I have to say that I’ve never had that kind of reaction from a waiter on anything I ... Read More »

Scotch Oysters

One thing I think has always been lacking is the use of whisky in cooking, so I’m on a bit of a mission to come up with uses of whisky in food. My first attempt was with grilled oysters. For the oysters, I melted about half a stick of butter and let it brown just ... Read More »

My Favorite Summer Whisky Cocktail

I’m not huge on cocktails in general, but I do enjoy a few of them. They’re not fruity things with flowers or umbrellas. The list is short, and only one was traditionally whisky based. The list is pretty short, though: Rusty Nail (as already mentioned, still my go-to whisky cocktail) A good bloody mary (must ... Read More »

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