Upgrade Your SuperBowl Eats

Upgrade Your SuperBowl Eats

By now, we’ve all done the wings and nachos and dips, maybe even pulled pork sandwiches. But it’s 2014, and it’s time to raise the bar! First, though, I have some new intentions for 2014. The more I read, the more I’m moving to the side that organic is better than not organic. Our bodies ... Read More »

Lobsters, Lobsters and Lobsters, Oh My!

Lobsters, Lobsters and Lobsters, Oh My!

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US, which means lots of things around the country. Hopefully, foremost, it means a time to say thanks to all those military that have fallen in service to our country. With the long weekend most of us get to enjoy, the weekend has also come to mean the unofficial ... Read More »

Scotch Oysters

Scotch Oysters

My wife and I were at a new-to-the-area market yesterday called Earth Fare. For the most part, I prefer Dorothy Lane Market, but Earth Fare does have a great salad bar. It’s just a bit too health-foody for me, I guess. Anyway, they have lots of bulk tofu and bark and seeds and hippy stuff, ... Read More »

Lobstermania 2012

Lobstermania 2012

Memorial Day brings one of our favorite events each year… Dorothy Lane Market’s Lobstermania. I don’t know how long Lobstermania has been going on, but it brings to Dayton, Ohio, lobsters about as fresh as possible. Two brothers in Maine that are lobster captains catch all they can the day before, then fly with the ... Read More »

Soft Shell Crab

One of the things I never understand that people won’t try is soft shell crab. They’ll eat crab legs, crabcakes, stuffed crab, crab stuffed mushrooms, anything else crab. But you leave the sucker in his shell, even when that shell is really, really soft, and they act like you’re asking them to eat coconut! (Sorry ... Read More »

PFB3 – Luxury Dinner Party

Thank you all for voting for my pho in round 2 of Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog! Out of the original 650 or so blogs that started, I’m at least in the top 200 thanks to everyone! Now it’s time for round 3, a luxury dinner party! If you like what you see, please vote for ... Read More »

Lobstermania Take 3 – Whole Lobster

Memorial Day weekend this year was a good weekend for us. We got a lot of work done outside, planting a veg garden and some more perennials. I built a big raised planter, and got most of the work done on another one. We also finished up Lobstermania. I had planned on doing lobster pizza, ... Read More »

Lobstermania Take 2 – Roll With It

Now that I’ve adopted, for however short of a time it will be, six Maine Lobsters, I have to figure out what to do with them. A couple years ago, I was in Maine for a few days and had one lobster roll per day, so I figured that was a good place to start. ... Read More »

Lobstermania in Ohio – Take 1

“Ohio” brings to mind, to me, fall football games, humid summers and mostly mild winters, Skyline Chili and festivals. What doesn’t generally come to mind when I think “Ohio”, though, is “lobster”. Dorothy Lane Market recently beat out the likes of Harrod’s and Dean & Deluca as the Best Gourmet Grocery on Luxist.com. They get ... Read More »

HalloWine Party 2009

Every year around Halloween, we have a wine party at my house, inviting everyone we can to join us. We’ve called it the McAdams Wine Party before, but changed it to what we like better, the HalloWine party. Each year brings a new theme to the party. In the past we’ve done themes that include: ... Read More »

caipirinha salmon

Before I say anything else, go to your local seafood supplier and get some wild caught salmon while it’s still available! It won’t be here for long, so take advantage of it while it’s here.  Wild caught salmon is the way to go.  Copper River salmon is gone, but there’s still some great stuff coming ... Read More »

My attempt at fondeaux

Fondeaux is a dish that is made as an appetizer at Pappadeux restaurants.  It’s pronounced like fondue, though I don’t really consider it a fondue.  I do, however, consider it delicious! Read More »

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