A Culinary Ode To The South

A Culinary Ode To The South

After getting back from our recent trip to the South, I had really wanted to try to keep the spirit of our vacation going. As long as I can. No matter how hard it can be. To do this, I decided to use my stomach. Or maybe I should say my tastebuds. Yeah, that sounds ... Read More »

Brat Sandwiches

To continue getting ready for the final push of this season’s basketball tournament (you know the one… you have at least 2-3 brackets going, even though Harvard threw you off, too!), I had to keep going with some great food to have. Again, I need to disclose that the bratwurst used was supplied to me ... Read More »

Slam Dunk Sauerkraut and Sausage

Johnsonville Sausage recently asked me to come up with some ideas to have for the upcoming weekend’s basketball tournament. I think I have to polish gym floors or clean backboard glass if I say what the tournament is, so I’ll just say it rhymes with “parch gladness”! And, for this quick and easy recipe, Johnsonville ... Read More »

Pulled Pork Pleasure

It’s easy to get caught up in trying new things on the smoker, but there’s still something about simple pulled pork. Even barbecuers can get caught up in what little thing to add to their rub to make it a secret recipe, or what special ingredient that no one else is allowed to know about ... Read More »


My wife and I both love what I like to call “pitbeef”. I have no idea if it’s like the pitbeef served in Maryland, as I’ve never had it there, but it’s what I like to call an eye of round that I smoke to rare, slice very thin and serve on sandwiches with sour ... Read More »

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