Humbled In Serenbe

About a year ago, I was contacted by Barry Martin on behalf of Char-Broil. I know Barry has been associated with them for some time, and I’ve seen his work online and in books (I even have a few of y recipes in one of the books he’s done , America Grills! By Char-Broil). Barry ... Read More »

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I’m not really participating in the “Wordless Wednesday” posts you may see all over the web, but thought I’d add a quick post of Dreyfus, as we’re celebrating him coming to live with us a year ago this week! Here are a couple of shots from his first couple of weeks with us… Read More »

the Christmas countdown

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I am going to start a Christmas countdown! Why, you may ask?  Because I took 31 photos of my Rudolph Christmas Countdown last year!  So I will be posting one of these every day until Christmas. I’ve mentioned Rudolph before (last year), as it’s my favorite of ... Read More »

Chocolate Taste Test

My recent trip to Pittsburgh has left me all kinds of stuff about which to write. One store that we tend to revisit in the Strip District is Mon Aimee Chocolat. Mon Aimee Chocolat is a bit of a fluff store, to be honest, but it’s not too froo-froo. The store is tastefully done, but ... Read More »

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