Ardbeg Galileo

There’s been some hype around the latest Ardbeg offering, Galileo. It’s been released in “limited” quantities to celebrate an experiment going on with Ardbeg whisky being aged in space. This isn’t a space-aged whisky, but only celebrates it. Ardbeg, in typical fashion, toured around with a semi truck pulling a big rocket, giving tastings here ... Read More »

How I Celebrated World Whisky Day

Instead of opening a bottle of whisky to celebrate World Whisky Day on May 17, 2013, for World Whisky Day, I had an ale. It wasn’t just any ale, though… It was an Embrasse beer, “a beer to embrace”, from Belgium. And why is that good for World Whisky Day? The brewery bought Ardbeg casks ... Read More »

Scotch Oysters

One thing I think has always been lacking is the use of whisky in cooking, so I’m on a bit of a mission to come up with uses of whisky in food. My first attempt was with grilled oysters. For the oysters, I melted about half a stick of butter and let it brown just ... Read More »

My Favorite Summer Whisky Cocktail

I’m not huge on cocktails in general, but I do enjoy a few of them. They’re not fruity things with flowers or umbrellas. The list is short, and only one was traditionally whisky based. The list is pretty short, though: Rusty Nail (as already mentioned, still my go-to whisky cocktail) A good bloody mary (must ... Read More »

Pre Chicago Whisky Fest 2012

It was a couple of weeks ago, but still fresh in my mind… Chicago Whisky Fest was a lot of fun thanks in part to my friend meeting me for the event, and the fact that I got to spend time with my brother, Robert, and my sister-in-law, Susan. On top of that, the other ... Read More »

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