Livefire Umami Burger

Livefire Umami Burger

I feel like I’m way behind on this umami thing. There’s umami everywhere anymore. Umami Burger is a small chain. There’s an Umami Food Truck, even. I’ve only recently started trying to figure out what umami is, though. The funny thing is, though, I’ve known umami all along! It’s apparently the fifth taste, and some ... Read More »

Christmas dinner, two days late

I know I haven’t posted in over 3 weeks. I won’t make excuses other than getting caught up in the holiday season (we have a 14′ tree still up in our great room!) and being busy getting a new job that I start next month! Woohoo!!! 2010 is looking good to me so far! I ... Read More »

My first pho

My wife and I were invited to dinner the other night by our friends Hal and Dawn to try pho for the first time.  What is pho?  For those that don’t know (I was one until recently), it’s a Vietnamese soup, what many American’s might compare to beef noodle soup. All I knew going into ... Read More »

apple bacon salad

I like cole slaw, especially with pork. However, not everyone feels the same way, so I’ve had it on my mind to try to come up with something as an alternative to cole slaw. The first thing that came to mind, I hate to admit, was an old Brady Bunch show, where Peter was having ... Read More »

sonic-inspired breakfast (and Christmas countdown)

It’s now 24 days until Christmas, and my early present is I got a new job!  Yea! I may be nuts, but I kind of like the Sonic commercials.  The latest breakfast treat is their sausage biscuit dippers.  I decided to do my own version, which I call Dunkers, to make sure I don’t infringe ... Read More »

Leftover Flat Iron Steak

We’re finally used to being back home from vacation in Maine. We were only gone a few days, but we really fell in love with Maine in general and Kennebunkport in particular! But now we’re back in the country, replacing sights of the Atlantic with sights of farmers. We had some people over the other ... Read More »

Smoked Pot Roast

I’m like just about anyone else… Grey winter days make me crave comfort foods. Yesterday could have been colder (I think it hit well over 60 for the day), but it was drizzly and grey all day long, so it seems like a comfort food would fit just right for the day. January in Ohio ... Read More »

Pig Candy – A Great Christmas Appetizer

Christmas brings a lot of opportunities to socialize and throw parties. Whether throwing a party of just going to one, I like to have a few things that I can cook pretty easily in case I need to host people or just take something along with me to a party. (obligatory Christmas/Rudolph photo) I made ... Read More »

Foie Gras

Here it is at last! The foie gras I’d been so looking forward to preparing and eating. The big question: was it worth it? The answer: a definite YES! This stuff is like heaven on a fork. Here’s the progression of how things went: If you look at any posts this week, they’ll most likely ... Read More »

Wine Party Preparation

Last night was kind of exciting. I got home to find a package waiting for me. That’s right, my duck liver had arrived! As I opened it, the first thing I saw was a bunch of those horrible styrofoam peanuts. I hate those thing! But lurking just below the peanuts, under ice packs, was a ... Read More »

Anatomy of a stew

This past weekend was cool and rainy in Ohio. It was actually very warm, considering that it was the 2nd weekend of January, and temps were in the 50's, but it rained and rained and rained. In fact, it rained enough I didn't really want to be outside cooking, so I decided to make some beef stew, which I hadn't done in some time. Read More »

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