Livefire Umami Burger

Livefire Umami Burger

I feel like I’m way behind on this umami thing. There’s umami everywhere anymore. Umami Burger is a small chain. There’s an Umami Food Truck, even. I’ve only recently started trying to figure out what umami is, though. The funny thing is, though, I’ve known umami all along! It’s apparently the fifth taste, and some ... Read More »

apple bacon salad

I like cole slaw, especially with pork. However, not everyone feels the same way, so I’ve had it on my mind to try to come up with something as an alternative to cole slaw. The first thing that came to mind, I hate to admit, was an old Brady Bunch show, where Peter was having ... Read More »

bacon implosion

First things first. I got ‘interviewed’ by Mike at The Gas Grill Review. Mike is trying to build a great resource for outdoor cooking in general, and did his interview a bit differently; he took the time to look at my blog to ask questions directed to things he read, not just a series of ... Read More »

Results Of A Social Experiment

I don’t know why I got this in mind to try, but it was kind of fun; for a week at the beginning of the month of October, I asked several people to take photos of all of their meals for the week. Originally, I was going to post the photos of just one meal, ... Read More »

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