PFB3 – Luxury Dinner Party

Thank you all for voting for my pho in round 2 of Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog! Out of the original 650 or so blogs that started, I’m at least in the top 200 thanks to everyone! Now it’s time for round 3, a luxury dinner party! If you like what you see, please vote for ... Read More »

The Classics – Pho

Before I get into this week’s challenge, I want to thank everyone that voted for me in round 1 of Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog! I think only 400 bloggers made it through, but I think there were only 655 to start with. With that in mind, the contest goes from 400 to 200 this week, ... Read More »

Great Steak Challenge – Region 8

Region 8′s semifinal for the Beringer Great Steak Challenge is now over!  I had high hopes, but, alas, I didn’t place.  I did give it a good try; one of the judges said they really liked my Red Eye Steak, while the other two said it had a bit too much coffee to it, but ... Read More »

Steak Comp vs. BBQ Comp Part 2

I was without internet connection at my hotel (sorry, I couldn’t believe the Westin wanted to charge $14.95/day for internet, and it wasn’t even wireless!), so I didn’t get any updates to the Beringer Great Steak Challenge. I wanted to finish my comparison to barbecue competitions… I already talked about what had to be prepped ... Read More »

Steak Comp vs. BBQ Comp

I’m getting ready to go to the Region 8 Beringer Great Steak Competition, and I can’t help but compare it to getting ready for a barbecue competition. One major difference is the amount of gear needed. Here’s what I need to take (along with clothes for the weekend) for the steak comp: Just my camera ... Read More »

Beringer Great Steak Challenge – Last Practice

On Tuesday, I had just enough time to do one more practice run before this coming weekend’s Beringer Great Steak Challenge Region 8 competition in Royal Oak, Michigan. I grilled a 1 1/2″ thick ribeye, using the exact recipe I turned in to Beringer, with a coffee/brown sugar rub and a coffee/wine/thyme sauce. The steak ... Read More »

More on the Beringer Vineyards Great Steak Challenge

There have been some fun things in the works with the Beringer Vineyards Great Steak Challenge.  First, all of you that won carving sets and gave me your address should have received your prize by now.  I also got one, and I have to say that they’re really nice! And I got this from Jeffrey ... Read More »

Blatantly Begging For Votes

I recently was asked by Honeysuckle Turkey to submit a video and recipe on summer turkey grilling. I was honored to be asked! Now, I need YOUR help!!! The videos are posted on Honeysuckle’s site, and you can vote once a day. Please, please, please (that’s me begging) vote fore my Turkey Roulade, listed under ... Read More »

Head to Head Steak Recipes

The Great Steak Challenge is a contest from Beringer Vineyards that’s taking place this summer and fall.  There will be several regional steak competitions, with the winners all going to Beringer Vineyards in Napa Valley for the finals.  I thought, “Steak and competition, two things I love!”  So I found myself thinking of ways to ... Read More »

A taste of bbq judging

Last weekened, my wife and I had the opportunity to judge a backyard barbecue competition put on by Jim Dandy’s BBQ in Sharonville, Ohio. Last year, we took fourth place overall in the KCBS competition held at the same site, but the competition was modified to backyard level cooking this year. The competition was held ... Read More »

upcoming events

The next several weeks are going to be pretty hectic, so I thought I’d list what’s up in case any locals are reading (some are open to the public). First, this coming Saturday and Sunday (May 16-17) will be the Second Annual Pretty Good BBQ at the Dayton Vineyard. The north campus of the church ... Read More »

Our first competition of 2008

I’ve been swamped with real life yet again, but summer is certainly here. I’m working on getting several posts ready, and I’m going to put a poll up soon about eating local foods. For our first two years competing in barbecue competitions, we started off each season with Carmel, Indiana, but that competition was canceled ... Read More »

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