Livefire Thanksgiving Blitz Day 3

Livefire Thanksgiving Blitz Day 3

Day 3 = Dessert! Or, more specifically, bourbon pecan pie! Yes, you heard me right. Bourbon. Pecans. Pie. All in one bite. This is a great pie, and I encourage you to try it. I get accused of using bourbon too much, but, honestly, the flavor goes so well with so many things. It’s sweet, ... Read More »

Living Dayton October 29

Living Dayton October 29

I love fall for grilling! The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and the bugs are going away! Fall also means apple season, which means local, fresh apples, which means… apple pie! Or, even easier, apple galette, which is really just a free-form pie. A previous version can be found here. However, I ... Read More »

Cookie Roundup

A few weeks ago, I asked other Verizon Wireless Savvy Gourmets to try my chocolate chip cookie recipe and see how we get some variations.  A few of them have tried out some really interesting versions! I made mine with bacon, and put Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams Salty Caramel in between 2 of them! First, ... Read More »

My first cherry pie

We had a small birthday party for our friend Dawn the other day. I won’t say which birthday it was, but I will say we always enjoy when Hal, Dawn and the rest of the family come over. The thing I was told was that cherry pie was her favorite dessert, so, while my wife ... Read More »

Let Me Eat [Carrot] Cake

A while back, a friend of mine (Pat) was telling me about his prep work to make a carrot cake. It sounded a bit ridiculous… until I tried a slice of it. Suddenly, all those steps made perfect sense. I have found my favorite carrot cake! (and I like carrot cake a lot, anyway). I ... Read More »

Outdoor Cooking Guild – Apples

With apple season still going strong, the Outdoor Cooking Guild has done its first group project of cooking apples outside! The recipes range from apple crisp to grilled apples, with a couple of dumplings and a pie in between. The other members of the Outdoor Cooking Guild that joined in have their posts here: The ... Read More »

Pizza Crust The Way It’s Meant To Be

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been getting great bread from Matt at his bakery in Miamisburg, Ohio, Boosalis Baking & Cafe. A couple of weeks ago, I asked if I could buy some flour from him, as he gets flour that’s harder for me to find in the area, and, a bit to ... Read More »

BBA Challenge 6 – Cornbread

I’m still behind in my Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge, but I’m working my way up. With Weight Watchers, I’m actually skipping the dessert type breads just to make sure they’re not around the house. I was a bit surprised to see a quick bread in the book. There’s no yeast in cornbread, just a bit ... Read More »

Blackberry Thyme Crisp

I’m going a bit nuts with the crisps and cobblers, but I’ve got all this great fruit that I want to use up, and crisps are quick and easy and not too bad for you. There’s a spot a couple miles from my house that sells blackberries.  It’s not even a farm, just a house, ... Read More »

BBA Challenge 5 – Ciabatta

I’ve been behind in my Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge baking.  There are a couple of reasons, but mostly because some of the recent ones have been very dessert oriented, and I’m trying to avoid that somewhat.  I’ve also been lazy, of course. Last week, I got everything going to go with ciabatta, however.  I’ve actually ... Read More »

bba challenge 4 – brioche

With the addition of Dreyfus Dog to our family, I skipped the third week of the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge.  Bagels would have been a handful with a new puppy in the house, especially one that already ways 68 pounds!  He’s doing well, though he still hasn’t gotten the cats to like him yet.  I ... Read More »

Bacon networking

Let’s face it… Bacon is the new black. what used to be just a side dish with breakfast now gets used in ways we would have thought nuts 15 years ago. I’ve had bacon in a chocolate bar, fixed bacon wrapped fresh figs and pig candy. I’d even seen bacon topped cookies. I wanted to ... Read More »

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