Brisket Chili

Brisket Chili

Winter in Ohio is pretty unpredictable. A few weeks ago, we were in the 60′s, and now we have snow on the ground. One day is calm, the next is a snow storm. It’s tough to always ben able to cook outside in some of the stuff that we get, so it’s good to make ... Read More »

How I Celebrated World Whisky Day

Instead of opening a bottle of whisky to celebrate World Whisky Day on May 17, 2013, for World Whisky Day, I had an ale. It wasn’t just any ale, though… It was an Embrasse beer, “a beer to embrace”, from Belgium. And why is that good for World Whisky Day? The brewery bought Ardbeg casks ... Read More »

Islay-Influenced Stout

I’ve heard about Brew Dog for a while now; they’re famous (or infamous if you’re PeTA) for making the most expensive beer in the world. They took 12 bottles of a brew called “The End of History”, found 4 squirrels, 7 weasels and a hare (already dead), took the animals to a taxidermist, and packaged ... Read More »

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