Grilled Bananas For A Quick Dessert

Grilled Bananas For A Quick Dessert

My friend, Christo, made grilled bananas last week on the Weather Channel, the same day I was going to do these, so I held off a few days. They’re so good and so easy, though, that I just had to make them. It’s another great dessert to fix on Father’s Day that gives you time to spend with your dad!

Grilling Bananas

Using good, ripe bananas, simply place the whole banana, peel intact, on a medium-hot grill (around 350 degrees or so) until the skin turns black, about 5 minutes a side. Then slit the peel and kind of mush the banana to make the peel into a bit of a banana boat, add the ingredients you want, and share it with your dad!

Banana Toppings

I added bourbon, chocolate syrup and dulche de leche. In full disclosure, the bourbon was given to me to try out and review, by Four Roses. My opinions are my own, though, and are in no way biased by the fact that the samples were provided at no cost to me. My opinion is that it’s a really good bourbon, though! I used the small batch version, instead of a more general use, as the bourbon isn’t cooked and the flavor is more prominent than in a glaze.

Small Roses Small Batch

The mix of the rich dulche de leche, chocolate syrup and very good bourbon made the bananas that much better! Just take a spoon and scoop out all the good stuff from the peel.

Bananas Are Served

Joining me in grilled desserts this weekend are some of my fellow All-Stars from Char-Broil. I’ll be updating this with links to their grilled creations!

First up, Christo chimes in with Grilled Cateloupe!

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  1. I had the Four Roses bourbon at Kingsford University in Vegas in 2011 and I was impressed but I’m not a big consumer of liquor. Those bananas sound…umm…bananas!
    Chris recently posted..Grilled Manhattan Fillet and A Trip To The RanchMy Profile

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