Macallan 12 Year Old

I was in a downtown Chicago whiskey bar several months ago, and a small table of attorneys ordered a round of Macallan 18 year-old whisky. One ordered it with soda, 1 neat, and 1 on ice. I was sitting by the bartender who kind of chuckled about the order. She asked me if I would ... Read More »

Dramooie Milkshake

How often do you find yourself in a dilemma where you want something dessert-like, but you also want a dram of something or other?  Should you get a bowl of ice cream or a bit of that Talisker 18 you’ve been jonesing to open? Why choose, when you can have both?  That’s right…  a mix ... Read More »

iPhone Camera vs. LG Intuition Camera

First of all, this is not a very scientific comparison.  However, I have my iPhone 5, and the Verizon Wireless Savvy Gourmet LG Intuition Droid, both with pretty decent cameras and lots of the same camera apps available, so I thought I’d see what I thought of the 2 side by side. It may not ... Read More »

Holiday Phone Giveaway!

Update on 12/15: The winner has been contacted.  As soon as they reply that they received notification, I’ll announce officially who it is!  If you entered below, check your email! —————————————- I’m going to be quick and sweet here… well, quick at least.  I was hacked!!!  Fortunately, I was able to restore most of everything, ... Read More »

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