Islay-Influenced Stout

I’ve heard about Brew Dog for a while now; they’re famous (or infamous if you’re PeTA) for making the most expensive beer in the world. They took 12 bottles of a brew called “The End of History”, found 4 squirrels, 7 weasels and a hare (already dead), took the animals to a taxidermist, and packaged ... Read More »

Terry’s Turf Club

I’ve heard of Terry’s Turf Club for a while now, a small place in Mount Washington, east of downtown Cincinnati. It’s only been there a few years, but it’s been filled up with neon lights and old signs of just about any type. Terry’s isn’t known for that, though… It’s known for having what some ... Read More »

My first blind taste test

Marten, one of the frequent readers (thanks, Marten), and a member of Branndair Uisge Beatha Cuallach (the group of barbecuers that are joining me in whisky tastings), took pity on me after the group’s first blind taste test. Since I sent out the samples, I knew what the whisky was, so it wasn’t blind for ... Read More »

BUBC First Blind Tasting

The group of barbecue people that I’ve been talking whisky with finally got around to its first blind tasting! Well, for me, it wasn’t blind, but someone had to know what we were drinking. This is a long post, since it’s the first one about our blind tastings. It took a bit to put together. ... Read More »

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