Quick and Easy Maker’s Shake

As bourbons go, I seem to like Maker’s Mark pretty well. It’s one of the few American whiskies to call their bourbon a “whisky” instead of “whiskey”. So, on a day when I let myself indulge a bit, I thought a Maker’s shake would be tasty!

Makers Shake Ingredients

I just took some vanilla ice cream, a bit of milk and a pour of Maker’s Mark, mixed it up in the blender, and poured it into, of course, an old-fashioned glass. Simple and delicious! While several Scotch whiskies could be used, this just seems to work well with bourbon.

How much of each? Well, just a bit of milk, meaning about a quarter cup. Ice cream to taste… The thicker you like your shake, the more ice cream. And the Maker’s? Also to taste. I used about 2 ounces for 2 servings, or I guess you could say 1 ounce per serving.

Ice Cream





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  1. That sounds insanely good. I may have to try it next month while home.

  2. We’ve been doing this with bourbon and ice cream for years in my family. Another favorite is to drizzle a little bourbon over a couple of scoops of ice cream in a bowl. My favorite? Maker’s Mark drizzled over butter pecan ice cream. Oh, my! Lip smackin’ good! ;-)

    • Trisha,

      Maker’s and ice cream seem to do well. Jeni’s Ice Cream in Columbus makes what some (including me) think is the best made does a whiskey and pecan ice cream. It’s only problem is is needs a bit more whiskey!
      Curt recently posted..The Cincinnati DogMy Profile

  3. rick winternheimer

    I like butter pecan ice cream w/ caramel bourbon sauce.

    • Rick,

      That sounds great, too. Jeni’s Ice Cream, out of Columbus, OH, makes what some consider the best ice cream in the country; they make a Whiskey Pecan flavor that’s very good, made with a local whiskey. The only complaint I have about it is that the whiskey needs to be upped a bit!
      Curt recently posted..The Cincinnati DogMy Profile

  4. About 3 years ago or so I was able to buy a bourbon sampler kit with 4 small batch bourbons. I love blind taste tests and we had one with the four bourbons. I only remember the names of three of them — Bookers, Makers Mark and Knob Creek. Knob Creek rocked my palate in ways the others couldn’t/didn’t and I’ve had a huge love affair with it since. I’m working hard to find a single malt scotch to have a love affair with, too.

    • Kathy,

      I just find Scotch more complex, less corn-sweet. Bourbons and American Whiskeys have a narrower band of flavor profiles.

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