Quick and Easy Maker’s Shake

As bourbons go, I seem to like Maker’s Mark pretty well. It’s one of the few American whiskies to call their bourbon a “whisky” instead of “whiskey”. So, on a day when I let myself indulge a bit, I thought a Maker’s shake would be tasty! I just took some vanilla ice cream, a bit ... Read More »

Livefire Whisky Shirt Winner

Thanks to everyone for lending a hand to get the word out about Livefire Whisky! I picked a winner from the giveaway post as well as those that “liked” Livefire Whisky’s Facebook page or tweeted about Livefire Whisky with a #livefirewhisky tag. To do so, I listed all entries and used a random number generator ... Read More »

Avoid Whisky Snobbery

There are too many things in life about which people get snobby. Unfortunately, I like a lot of those things, too. I’m going to also admit that I’m something of an ex-snob. I’ve been there, but I have come back from the dark side. Whether it’s wine, coffee, French food, whisky, even barbecue, the world ... Read More »

The Cincinnati Dog

Grilling.com has asked its VIP Bloggers (and I happen to be included as one) to come up with hot dog recipes to celebrate baseball teams and cities. I grew up a fan of the Big Red Machine, and the Reds will always be my team! The city of Cincinnati stands strongly behind its baseball team ... Read More »

Talisker 18 Review

I stopped at my favorite semi-local Scotch source, the Party Source in Newport, KY, this week. It’s about a 50 minute drive, but it’s really worth it. Most of the prices are pretty good overall, and they have one of the best selections of any liquor store within a decent drive. So my latest trip ... Read More »

Livefire Whisky Tshirt Giveaway

My new endeavor, Livefire Whisky, is celebrating its start with a tshirt giveaway. The entry is simple… Just go to the site and follow the instructions listed on the giveaway post. The deadline is February 24th at midnight, and the winner will be announced next weekend! Read More »

Livefire Whisky Shirt Giveaway

I was recently contacted by a new company, ooshirts, to see if I would like a free tshirt to help promote their new company. I thought about it, and realized that the timing was great, as I was just starting Livefire Whisky, so I said yes! Ooshirts has a good variety of tshirts from which ... Read More »

The Macallan 18

I made a big mistake the first time I tried the Macallan 18. I’m not that big on sweet whiskies usually, and, to be honest, a bit put off by the snooty reputation of this one. I had a bartender in Chicago tell me, as a table of lawyers were ordering the Macallan 18, one ... Read More »

Simple Infrared Wings

If you’ve been reading what little I’ve been posting lately, you may know I’ve been really strict on what I’ve been eating, and I’m down about 70 pounds since the beginning of fall last year. I’m still working on it, and most of my eating revolves around lean meats from a good deli. However, once ... Read More »

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