The Phil McRib

I had an idea back in the summer that partially worked. The partial part was that a few other people did this along with me, but I never got it posted… There are some reasons for that, but they aren’t important.

The best online community for outdoor cooking, in my opinion, is the BBQ Brethren. It’s a great place to ask advice, show off what you’re cooking, get new ideas for cooking and get info about barbecue competing. It’s also the place I’ve gone to for support when we’ve lost pets and the group that helped provide the food and cooking for several charity events at my church. There’s a lot of work that goes into the site, and, even though a lot of people contribute to why the site is so great, Phil is the one that started it all.

As just a simple “thank you” to Phil, a few of us created our versions of a sandwich Phil has made famous on the site, his take on a McRib Sandwich. The McRib isn’t known as a really great version of any form or ribs, so Phil took a full slab of ribs he smoked and put them on a bun, making the McRib look like, well, a McRib. So in honor of Phil, here’s another version…

I started with pork spare ribs, and, instead of using a standard rub, I decided to try Stonewall Kitchen’s Farmhouse Chutney, a great condiment from one of my favorite condiment makers, from Maine. it’s a savory chutney, and I just spread it on the ribs, then smoked them at a nice, low temp to keep the chutney from burning.


chutney for ribs

Instead of cutting the slab as a whole, I pulled the rib meat off the bones and used a coffee sauce, which was really Liquid Livefire with added coffee, thinning it out a bit. The bun I used was a mini-baguette, and, instead of pickles, I used a fermented spicy dill sauerkraut from Fab Ferments.

McRib 1

fab ferments

As I was smoking the ribs, I had a thought, one that anyone that’s actually ordered a McRib has heard: “Do I want fries what that?” And the answer was.. Yes! But instead of regular old fries, I decided on duck fat fries with fleur de del sea salt!

Duck Fat Rosemary Fries with Fleur de Sel

McRib & Fries

McRib 3

McRib 2

This is just a simple, tasty way of saying, “Thank you, Phil!”

Other McRib versions from the Outdoor Cooking Guild members:

No Excuses BBQ – Not a McSpam…

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Bob’s Brew and ‘Que – Poobah Rib Sandwich

About Curt McAdams

I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.


  1. Boy yours certainly is head and shoulders above Mickey D’s by several orders of magnitude!

    It seems like a chunk of your text got eaten.
    Chris recently posted..Pork Roast with Bootlegger Apple BBQ SauceMy Profile

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for the heads up… I fixed the HTML goof.
    Curt recently posted..The Phil McRibMy Profile

  3. This looks so incredibly appetizing and I cannot wait to try this homemade version of the fast food classic! …If there is such a thing as a fast food “classic” :) Thanks for sharing!
    Kelly Senyei recently posted..Banana Nut PancakesMy Profile

  4. Kelly,

    I think “classic” is right. It’s a bit of a classic fast food joke, but the actual McRib really does sell! I’d take mine any day, though!
    Curt recently posted..The Phil McRibMy Profile

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