Silent Sunday

Ok, mostly Silent Sunday (I have friends that do Wordless Wednesday instead).  Anyway, this is Robert, my brother, with Hank, his dog. Read More »

Fall Grilling Tips from the OCG

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in which to grill. My others happen to be winter, spring and summer, but I have to admit I do like fall grilling over the heat of summer. There’s also that football tailgating to be done. I mean, whoever heard of tailgating at a basketball or a baseball ... Read More »

October 4 Ingredient Challenge

Last month’s four ingredient challenge left a bit to be desired for me. I’m sorry, but I’m just not a fan of tofu. It’s not that good for you, really; it’s just a vegetable protein alternative to meat. I’m not a vegetarian, so I’d rather have lean meat. Or bacon. This month brought more of ... Read More »

The Phil McRib

I had an idea back in the summer that partially worked. The partial part was that a few other people did this along with me, but I never got it posted… There are some reasons for that, but they aren’t important. The best online community for outdoor cooking, in my opinion, is the BBQ Brethren. ... Read More »

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