Grilled Peach Bourbon Ice Cream

My wife and I had a gift card for Williams-Sonoma (thanks, Maggie and Jud!), and decided to use it to get the Kitchenaid ice cream maker that works with our Kitchenaid mixer. And, since we now had the ice cream maker, we had to try it out! I was trying to think of what ice ... Read More »

Beef Ribs and Tomato Pie

I’ve used my Bubba Keg a lot over the last couple of years, and I love cooking on it. There’s one thing my XL Big Green Egg has over the Bubba Keg, though… size! I think it’s almost double the size of the Bubba Keg. And it really is easy to use, too. I tried ... Read More »

Pulled Pork Pleasure

It’s easy to get caught up in trying new things on the smoker, but there’s still something about simple pulled pork. Even barbecuers can get caught up in what little thing to add to their rub to make it a secret recipe, or what special ingredient that no one else is allowed to know about ... Read More »

Soft Shell Crab

One of the things I never understand that people won’t try is soft shell crab. They’ll eat crab legs, crabcakes, stuffed crab, crab stuffed mushrooms, anything else crab. But you leave the sucker in his shell, even when that shell is really, really soft, and they act like you’re asking them to eat coconut! (Sorry ... Read More »

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