Opening the First Ale

It’s getting toward the last part of the first month of 2011, and it’s been cold in SW Ohio. We’ve not had snow like this for a while, with temps staying below freezing most of the month, it seems. As much as some people have really gotten tired of the winter weather already, our dog, ... Read More »

Homebrewing for the First Time

I know at least some of you reading this have already made your own homebrewed ale or beer, but I’ve been putting it off for almost a year. I got the equipment this time last year, but I kept putting off doing my first batch of ale. I even got a kit to try for ... Read More »

12 Ales of Christmas – Part 2

I finally finished my 12 ales of Christmas! It took a bit due to late nights, having a bottle of wine now and then, etc. However, it was a fun 12 ales or beers. Fall and winter ales are my favorites, I think, though I don’t know that I would want these heavier ales in ... Read More »

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