A Quiet Christmas Dinner

If you happen to be anywhere near Cincinnati, and by near I mean within 2-3 hours, you owe it to yourself to go to Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield. Jungle Jim’s is a huge grocery store. It’s so big that there are peripheral stores all around it. In fact, the grocery itself is 6 acres. I’m ... Read More »

12 Ales of Christmas – Part One

I’m semi-celebrating the season with ales and beers of different sorts. First of all, I finally, after a year of having the equipment, got a batch of English brown ale brewed and fermenting in the closet in the guest room. It won’t be ready to try until at least mid-January, but I’m looking forward to ... Read More »

Cincinnati Dinner Train

Cincinnati has a fun option for dinner, thanks to the BBQ Revue.  And, no, it’s not the restaurant itself; I’m not impressed with the barbecue, and the ribs are more Montgomery Inn style than real barbecue.  But BBQ Revue is where my wife and I got on the Cincinnati Dinner Train. The Dinner Train is ... Read More »

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