MasterBuilt Turkey Fryer Giveaway!

Last year, I reviewed the indoor turkey fryer by MasterBuilt and Butterball. I loved it, and I’ve used it for many other things, too. It can deep fry up to a 14 lb turkey, in the house, safely, as well as give lots of room to do chips, onion rings, fish, whatever your frying imagination comes up with. And you won’t burn your house down because of a grease fire with the propane going!

My review is listed in the Reviews section of Livefire.

MasterBuilt is offering up several giveaways on blogs of friends of mine, and I was contacted yesterday with the offer of one of these great fryers to give away, too! That means that you, the lucky visitor to my little corner of the interwebs, have the opportunity to snag one of these fryers, to be delivered before Thanksgiving!

To get this done before Tday, we’re going to have to do this quickly Between now and the end of next Wednesday, all you have to do is leave a comment on Livefire, on this entry. After I ensure the comment is appropriate for my target demo (like that marketing jargon???), I will randomly choose one commenter to receive the fryer. All you need to do is quickly supply me with your email address after I select the winner.

The catch? There really isn’t one. I’m not going to sign you up for anything or use your info in any way you wouldn’t want me to. I’m just going to make sure your address gets in to get your fryer! I guess there is one catch… The comment has to be done herer, on Livefire, not on Twitter or Facebook. So, if you’re reading this through my Facebook feed, click on the link and come over to Livefire to comment!

Update…  Melissa was randomly chosen as the winner!  The MasterBuilt Turkey Fryer is on its way!  Congrats, Melissa… let me know how things turn out.

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