MasterBuilt Turkey Fryer Giveaway!

Last year, I reviewed the indoor turkey fryer by MasterBuilt and Butterball. I loved it, and I’ve used it for many other things, too. It can deep fry up to a 14 lb turkey, in the house, safely, as well as give lots of room to do chips, onion rings, fish, whatever your frying imagination comes up with. And you won’t burn your house down because of a grease fire with the propane going!

My review is listed in the Reviews section of Livefire.

MasterBuilt is offering up several giveaways on blogs of friends of mine, and I was contacted yesterday with the offer of one of these great fryers to give away, too! That means that you, the lucky visitor to my little corner of the interwebs, have the opportunity to snag one of these fryers, to be delivered before Thanksgiving!

To get this done before Tday, we’re going to have to do this quickly Between now and the end of next Wednesday, all you have to do is leave a comment on Livefire, on this entry. After I ensure the comment is appropriate for my target demo (like that marketing jargon???), I will randomly choose one commenter to receive the fryer. All you need to do is quickly supply me with your email address after I select the winner.

The catch? There really isn’t one. I’m not going to sign you up for anything or use your info in any way you wouldn’t want me to. I’m just going to make sure your address gets in to get your fryer! I guess there is one catch… The comment has to be done herer, on Livefire, not on Twitter or Facebook. So, if you’re reading this through my Facebook feed, click on the link and come over to Livefire to comment!

Update…  Melissa was randomly chosen as the winner!  The MasterBuilt Turkey Fryer is on its way!  Congrats, Melissa… let me know how things turn out.

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I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.


  1. Awesome! I love firing up the fryer for big batches of fried chicken, fish or my favorite for a crowd — chicken livers. But with little kids and a dog wanting to help it gets dangerous. This would be perfect!!

  2. Edgar,

    This is a great way to get all that done… And it holds a whole 2 gallons of oil, so the temp stays up, too, which means things fry better.

  3. Interesting, I went to their web site and watched the demo. My brother-in-law famously singed his eyebrows one Thanksgiving frying a turkey. This looks like a much better/safer system, though I did notice the demo person was wearing protective gloves while *slowly* lowering the turkey in. Overall, it seems like a great deep-fryer.

  4. I’ve heard that deep fried Turkey is supposed to be really good, but I’ve yet to try it.
    If I get picked , then I definitely will have to give it a try.

  5. This is my first Thanksgiving on my own and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed – I need some guidance I think having something like this would make my first attempt at a Thanksgiving turkey easier!

  6. Man, would I love to have this baby! I’ve made a turkey once in my oven that turned out pretty good! I’d have a good excuse to stay home and have turkey at my house this Thanksgiving! :)

  7. What an amazing item! This would be great.

  8. To be honest, I literally just learned how to not overcook/undercook chicken (I’m sure a kitchen failure!), so hopefully this can be my next step to cooking domination!!! Woohoo! I also watched the demo on their site and it seems simple enough, which is a good thing. :)



  10. I just saw the infomercial last night on this unit. I was thinking, man I so need one of those. I could do my Turkey in it, as well as my famous fried pickles, fried veggies, cornish hens, catfish and the list goes on. I would be the happiest girl alive to win one of these great frying machines! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  11. I’ve always wanted to try a fried turkey. This would give me my chance.

  12. I’ve been looking for these and this seems to be the most recommended one I have found so far. We raise chickens and turkeys so this would be ideal for me. Also, since we’re in the middle of remodelling our kitchen/living area, we have removed the stove so anything that helps cook for the next few weeks while the kitchen is in an uproar would be fantastic!

  13. Melissa Lawrence

    I really enjoyed your review! I never knew this product exists. I must tell you, I am thinking “No more grease spots on my deck!” I will keep my eye out on this product!

  14. James Heller-Jackson

    What a beautiful tool for the kitchen! We currently own a small good quality deep fryer and use it sporadically and well, though it’s limiting because of its size. I can only imagine the uses it would be put to in our house, though I promise, if I’m selected to win, we’d respect it and put it away every once in a while.

  15. Looks pretty cool, and not being a very competent cook (the term “chef” is way beyond my reach), I think I could handle it; it may even help me step up my game.

  16. I would love to win this fryer. I have wanted to fry a turkey for a long time, but have been afraid of the dangers involved, like burning down my house! This would be a great addition to Thanksgiving this year.

  17. Heidi… We almost had a grand story to tell about frying turkeys once. Fortunately, my dad had moved the fryer out from under the deck. That’s all I’m saying. :)

    Dwayne… I’ve used the unit I got last year several times, and it’s well worth trying out.

    Cassandra… A fryer like this does help. It’s still not without danger, as it holds 2 gallons of hot oil, but it does help limit the issues. Just remember to inject the bird with something. I don’t really like the Cajun stuff for Tday, but I have injected with a mixture of butter or olive oil and bourbon, or just with some seasonings in the butter (I heat up the butter and use granulated seasonings so the injector doesn’t clog).

    KathyC… We usually host Thanksgiving, but one these fryers at least means you can pop in a smaller turkey for your own use, even if just for leftovers. The only downside to frying a turkey is nothing is there for gravy, but Williams-Sonoma has the best turkey gravy base there is!

    Jessica… Simple for the bird helps a lot on tday, considering all the other stuff going on then, too.

    Charles… Outdoor fryers are fine, but you do have to pay attention more closely. The main thing is to be ready to shut off the propane very quickly, and not to cook under anything like a deck. They are bigger, but this unit allows for 2 smaller turkeys if needed, and each can be done differently for variety.

    Cheryl, I didn’t know they had an infomercial, but it does work well for lots of things. The fact that there’s a lot of oil means that the temp stays steadier, and frying is done more evently, and food soaks up less oil that way.

    Tonie… I think I might get tired of fried food over that time, but it would be a great addition to a hotplate and microwave. :)

    Melissa… The other nice thing, other than no more grease on the deck, is that you’ll be more likely to use it other times for fish & chips, etc. In fact, all of you reading this may make me go through a series of some cool stuff I’ve done with the fryer as a series.

    James… When storing this, the inside is actually big enough to hold some other things being stored, so it conserves space. I found that I don’t want it too inaccessible or I’m less likely to use it. (btw, the wife and I will be at Take the Cake soon, hopefully before Tday… for the best lunch in Cincy, for those not in the know).

    Mickey… I’d never call myself a chef either, so you’re not alone there.

    For anyone else thinking of trying this, go for it… but wait to see if you win first! If you have one of those 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond, that brings the price down to $80!

  18. i love fried turkey i had it once but i would love to have it again this year im tired of bored old baked turkey i want to kick it up this year bam lol

  19. My small kitchen has no room for a double oven and I would love for all of my Thanksgiving dinner to be served piping hot. Frying my turkey would be just the thing to free up some oven space so this could actually happen. Plus, I hear fried turkey is delicious, so that would be another plus!

  20. I saw this used on Huckabee Show and fell in love with it. Seems that it is very safe to use and doesn’t use much in the way of oil. I’ve never had fried turkey but have heard from so many people that its the only way to cook it.

  21. The turkey looks good! One for my family dinner, please !

  22. Ah! This would be so helpful you have no idea, especially for Thanksgiving! *crosses fingers* I have a really hard time frying turkeys. I’ve only tried it once and then quickly stopped because uh, let’s just say if I had continued, things would have ended BADLY.

  23. If I won this, it would be the first time I’ve ever made a friend turkey or even tried fried turkey. It sounds yummy and I would love to make it for Thanksgiving this year. Thanks!

  24. I would love to have this fryer!

  25. I also saw this on Huckabee. Finally – A turkey fryer that won’t burn down the house!

  26. Erica… if you want to kick it up, try some of the Cajun injections, too!

    susitravi… using this would be a great way to free up the oven for other things.

    Margaret and Brian… I didn’t see Huckabee with this, but it is a bit easier than an outdoor fryer. There’s still oil, but no open flame, and it does a great job for a variety of things.

    Rick… You’ll have to hope you win so you can make your own for your family. :)

    Lisette… it’s easy to get spooked with an outdoor propane fryer. This will help take some of the fear away.

    Rochelle… I’ve never made a friend turkey… I think they dislike me about the time I put them in the oil. :)

    Jackie… Good luck then! It looks like a great group of entries, and the random drawing will be next week, with a quick shipment to the winner for Tday! If you win, be sure get get a couple gallons of peanut oil for when the fryer gets there.

  27. I would be honered to have this turkey fryer. I probably would do a couple of stories about it.

  28. This seems MUCH less scary than the propane ones. I had always wanted to do the fried turkey, but after watching Alton Brown’s Good Eats episode, I got to thinking that it might not be a good idea!

  29. Chilebrown… Unfortunately, this is “luck of the draw”, but you have as good a chance as anyone!

    Brandie… I’ve done both ways, and, if you pay attention, outside frying isn’t a huge deal, but you can’t let up at all, or something can get away from you fast!

  30. Best invention ever. My mouth is watering just thinking about that juicy bird.

  31. I do believe that a fried turkey is possibly the best gift I get a christmas time. I’m not even sure it’s that close with anything else. I would love to have this fryer. Sound awesome.

  32. This device looks like a great innovation in frying. I’ve never fried a turkey because of safety concerns associated with flimsy cooking frames, open flames and ‘easy-to-spill’ hot grease. After recently talking with Curt I’ve looked closely at this device and will be looking for one to try our favorites (chicken, turkey, potatoes, and green tomatoes (an extreme favorite of my daughter)) a bit more often.

  33. Winning one is probably the only way my wife would let me have one, and I do love a deep fried turkey! Since we’ve already had one house fire, not turkey related, my wife is definitely not going to let me risk another with a propane powered turkey fryer!

  34. I don’t know how anyone could pass up the opportunity to fry a bird, and some rings, in one glorious cripsy pass. I’m in.

  35. Tom S… For versatility, the fryer is really hard to beat at home.

    Tony… While smoked turkey is my preference, the speed of frying makes it a great way to get a bird done, too. A 14 lb bird takes a lot less time in this unit!

    Tom R… Everyone finds out after Wednesday who the winner is… And it was fun meeting you and Kimberly on the Cincy dinner train… Fun trip!

    Mark… I can understand the reluctance, but, you’re right, this is a way to get a fried turkey without that problem.

    Jack… When we fry up anything, we usually do a few things, including wonton chips, sweet potato chips, etc. The nice thing with a fryer that holds this much is the oil stays hot and much less is absorbed by the food, making it less bad for you.

  36. Jody-Cyd Labov

    I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac. No wheat or gluten. Changes alot of my Thanksgiving tried and true recipes. I will never dissapoint a crowd, and there will be a big one as usual. Surprising them with a Fried turkey would be quite a coupe! I have had at friends but it looked scarey to make with those propane models, this one gives me the courage to try!

  37. What a great way to prepare all of your different larger quantities of deep fried food without having to worry about overflowing and causing your house, or you neighbor’s house, to burn down. I know propane fryers are safe if you follow the instructions, as I have one, but this would definitely be a great way to maybe prevent some of the mishaps.

    And the bird you cooked looks fantastic, but think of all of the deep fried twinkies and snickers you could do as well…sorry, I love fair food.

  38. I’ve never had a fried turkey, I don’t know where to go to taste one, so after reading about how amazing they are, I would LOVE to have one and try it! Nice web site!

  39. Fried turkey indoors! I think I could make a lot of people happy with that! Better start saving my pennies….

  40. love fried turkey ever since I lived in Eunice LA. moist and very tender only way to eat turkey

  41. My husband saw the turkey fryer on Mike Huckabee’s show and hasn’t stopped talking about it. My assignment – find one! This thanksgiving WILL have a fried turkey or else! It sure would be nice to win one!

  42. That turkey looks delicious, and the fryer itself does not look like it is a space hog. What a perfect combination!

  43. I see many a good times to be had with a fryer like this. Slurp, burp, yummmmmm!

  44. We fried a turkey several years ago, and it was awesome. We also friend several whole chickens since the oil was there, hot and ready. They were excellent too. I highly recommend a remote thermocouple type (high temperature capable) thermometer to keep an eye on the oil temperature without having to stand over the oil.

  45. Oh I want one so badly!!

  46. This looks like a fun way to cook the turkey this year instead of having grandma burn it or it drying out.

  47. I’d love to test drive one of these babies! I love my fryer, but this would be great in the middle of winter!

  48. Man, I love fried turkey….not to mention fried fish, fried chicken wings,….you get the idea!

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