Livefire Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. My family gets together as much as possible, there’s no real pressure to go to more than one house for the day, there’s usually good football and there are still three days left before going back to work! As a food lover, the day also food. I like to ... Read More »

Over The Top?

Recently, Ninette over at Big Bold Beautiful Food was kind enough to give Livefire its first peer award for being Over The Top… Thanks, Ninette! I like that Ninette broke the rules and didn’t do the standard list of questions for this peer award. Oddly, because I’m up really early today, I’m going to go ... Read More »

Pomegranate Pork Chops

The great people at POM recently sent me a case of 100% pomegranate juice, again, bless their hearts! I love this stuff, but instead of just drinking it and enjoying it that way, I wanted to try cooking something with it. I got a couple of really nice bone-in pork chops and an ambercup squash ... Read More »

HalloWine Party 2009

Every year around Halloween, we have a wine party at my house, inviting everyone we can to join us. We’ve called it the McAdams Wine Party before, but changed it to what we like better, the HalloWine party. Each year brings a new theme to the party. In the past we’ve done themes that include: ... Read More »

Weekend Wanderings

We’re busy around Livefire Headquarters (my house, in other words) for our annual wine party, which is now dubbed the “HalloWine” party because of the time of the year. I’m cooking all day, and just taking a break, enjoying the Indian Summer day we’re having in SW Ohio. I hope everyone else is having a ... Read More »

The Dalmore Single Malt Review

The Dalmore distillery has been producing malt whiskies since 1839, and it has the oldest maturing stocks of any distillery, dating back to 1868! I was recently contacted about sampling some of the single malt whiskies produced by the Dalmore. The box of samples I got was interesting; not only were the vials labeled well, ... Read More »

BBQ Grail contest

My friend, Larry, at The BBQ Grail is holding a contest right now for with Char-Broil to give away a Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer! The rules are simple, and can be found on The BBQ Grail. I’ll give you a hint… Get your cameras ready for Thanksgiving! I haven’t decided yet, but I ... Read More »

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