My first pho

My wife and I were invited to dinner the other night by our friends Hal and Dawn to try pho for the first time.  What is pho?  For those that don’t know (I was one until recently), it’s a Vietnamese soup, what many American’s might compare to beef noodle soup. All I knew going into ... Read More »

Autumn is here!

Autumn is here, and SW Ohio already feels like sweaters and cords weather. Put away the shorts and sandals; it’s time for bonfires and homecoming parades! What does that mean foodie-wise? I’ll be cooking outside still, along with friends in the Outdoor Cooking Guild, but things I’ll be cooking begin to change this time of ... Read More »

A taste of bbq judging

Last weekened, my wife and I had the opportunity to judge a backyard barbecue competition put on by Jim Dandy’s BBQ in Sharonville, Ohio. Last year, we took fourth place overall in the KCBS competition held at the same site, but the competition was modified to backyard level cooking this year. The competition was held ... Read More »

Better than leftovers #3 – Pulled Pork

For my latest Better Than Leftovers entry, I smoked about 50 pounds of Boston butt roasts the other day. We gave away free pulled pork sandwiches for the fall kickoff of the Dayton Vineyard’s vineyardMEN ministry. We had a great turn out, but there was some pork left over. Some went to Hal, a friend ... Read More »

This Week At Livefire

This year’s Labor Day started early for me. I had to get up at 5:15 am to get things loaded into the car to head to downtown Cincinnati. I was asked to do another segment on Fox 19 Morning News for Labor Day! Fortunately, Fox 19 put the video from the segment on their web ... Read More »

Labor Day Grilling Tips

Labor Day Grilling Tips

I originally wrote this 5 years ago, but it still holds as a good set of grilling tips for today… Let’s face it: fire and food haven’t changed in 5 years! On Living Dayton, I’ll be doing bratwurst with an apple bacon salad. I changed my original recipe a bit and used bourbon instead of ... Read More »

Better Than Leftovers #2 – Smoked Chicken Poblanos

Yesterday, I did my first “Better Than Leftovers” post. Today, I’m doing the next one, mostly because I used the same beer can chickens to make both dishes. I’ve done stuffed poblano chiles before, which prompted me to do them again as Better Than Leftovers. Before, I used leftover brisket which worked great, but I ... Read More »

Better Than Leftovers #1 – Smoked Chicken Salad

I’m starting a new series of sorts… Leftovers that are Better Than Leftovers! I’ll be gauging these leftovers by my own personal leftover scale, my wife.  She’s not big on leftovers, so, when I find some that she likes and says she’d have again, that will make it to my Better Than Leftovers list. Another ... Read More »

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