That’s the stuff (as in stuffed peppers)

I’m going to admit something that may just get me kicked out of any barbecue group that I’m in.  However, if any of those other barbecuers try it, they may change their mind.

poblano and anaheim peppers

I love burnt ends.  I think that’s about as good as barbecue gets when they’re done right.  Burnt ends are simple to make, too, but take some time.  First, a brisket is smoked until done, then the point (flat can be used, but point is better, in my opinion), the ends of a flat, a whole packer brisket or just the flat is cubed.  All is reseasoned with rub and sauce is added to coat the cubed meat.  All that is put in a pan and put back on a smoker for anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, depending on who is asked.  Longer is good, on a smoker running around 225 degrees f.

peppers on bubba keg grill

However, when you’ve got 2 whole points done as burnt ends, sometimes you want to try it different ways.  I’ve been frequenting farmers markets in the area I’m in, and I picked up some Anaheim and Poblano chiles at one the other day.  I thought they’d go well with the burnt ends.  I also had some fresh tomatoes from the farmers market, and some grated monterey jack and cheddar cheeses.

stuffed peppers on bubba keg

I simply cut the peppers in half lengthwise and took out the veins and seeds, then chopped up the burnt ends more.  I laid out the peppers  on a baking sheet and added the burnt ends, topping that with the tomatoes chopped up, then adding a bit of the grated cheese to the whole thing.

The Bubba Keg Convection Grill got started up to about 225 degrees F, with some beechnut wood for flavor.  My wife thought sour cream would be good on the peppers, so I went into town while the peppers were smoking to get some.  It was a great evening, so the 4 miles there and back were very nice with the top down!

smoking stuffed peppers

The peppers took about 30 minutes until they were softened.  They came off the smoker and right onto plates.

burnt ends stuffed peppers

We found the Anaheim chiles were a bit sweet for this, though still good.  If a diner didn’t like heat much at all, Anaheim chiles would be a good choice.  The Poblano peppers had a bit more heat, but not too much, making it a really nice platform for the burnt ends.  It was just the amount of heat that makes you think you might want a drink of a good beer after a few bites.

smoked anaheim & poblano peppers with burnt ends, tomato and cheese

And to top off the whole thing, this was a way to have leftovers that my wife actually liked!

If you have hints on getting a leftover-wary person to like leftovers, let me know.

About Curt McAdams

I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.


  1. No Faux Que here, and I didn’t see anything that looked like a confession of BBQ sins. I do see flavorful food cooked on a real BBQ with real wood and real fire. Since I know there weren’t any leftovers, I guess I will have to satisfy my urge for some of this by following the instructions and cook some myself.

    Great looking meal!

  2. Z,

    Thanks… it’s just leftovers of burnt ends which could get some guys after me. But I figure the heck with it; it was a pretty good dinner, and really not unhealthy, as I didn’t have much of the brisket on the peppers. The sour cream was probably the worst part of the whole thing.

    And it’s always good to use local veggies; they’re fresher and tastier.

  3. Great. Now I’m hungry at 2:00 am.

    Pictures look great as always!


  4. grilled peppers alone are such a treat to me, and stuffing them just adds to the wonder. gorgeous photos of a delectable dish!

  5. Eric,

    The bad part of being hungry for something like this at 2:00 am is that the farmers markets aren’t open. Makes it tougher!


    As always, you words fit your name. :) I’m thinking that, with all the good produce I’m finding this year, I may try just stuffing peppers with other veggies to see how that comes out. Maybe some baby eggplant, onions, etc. Maybe I’ll grill the other things and chop them up all together. It might make a good ‘meatless Monday’ meal.

  6. When I read the first sentence my first though was “Oh no, please don’t tell me you are a closet rib boiler.” LOL

    The peppers looks really good Curt. I’ve never tried it with burnt ends before, but I have made them with butt. That turned out really well too.

    I know exactly what you mean about farmers markets.
    MUCH better produce than you can buy in the store.

  7. Neil,

    You know better than to think I’m boiling ribs!

  8. This looks delicious Curt and fresh, seasonal produce from Farmers Markets is certainly the way to go, particularly in Summer!

  9. HB,

    In Ohio, summer is our only shot for farmers markets! They go away usually some time in October. I know other areas have longer seasons for their markets, but we do get a great variety here in the Midwest!

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