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I recently signed up for Tastecasting events in Cincinnati.  What’s Tastecasting? It’s pretty simple, really. Restaurants and food establishments invite a group of socially-networked people to try their food. There’s no charge to the attendees, but we are asked to blog about it and talk about it on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


I’m going to be really transparent here… The idea is not to review the places that invite us to eat so much as to help them get word out about what they’re doing. With that in mind, I will be approaching Tastecasting more as information than discussing the qualities of the items I have, unless I find them to be particularly great. What I mean is that I’m going to not talk negatively about the things in Tastecasting, but I will be pointing out especially good things I’ll be having.


My first Tastecasting event was done at Sawyer Point along the Ohio River. World Food Bar (WFB), which started just five weeks ago at the Findlay Market. The chef, Josh Campbell, who has been a chef largely in the Bahamas at very prestigious restaurants, is originally from Cincinnati. He brings a knowledge of Thai food from his training, and an apparent love of a variety of cuisine.


A bunch fellow Tastecasters met for lunch to be delivered. Since most are on Twitter, I’ll include their Twitter names: @ColeImperi, @vimperi, @AudreyKeyes, @JesyHerron, @kristaneher, @cmcadams, @redkatblonde and @maria_michelle.

WFB’s menu has a variety of choices, including vegetarian. I opted for slow roasted lamb on flatbread with tomato, arugula and lemon cucumber yogurt sauce. I also tried spicy green bean salad and Thai style iced tea. For dessert, I opted for what, to me, was the obivous choice: an ancho chile chocolate brownie.


The flavors of the lamb were very good, and the brownie was excellent. I would have liked more obvious ancho in the background, but the brownie was great anyway.


I also stopped by the location at Findlay Market. WFB is right next to Kroeger & Sons, a great, busy location. As it’s not very busy out there during the week, WFB offers free downtown delivery, and has a small charge of $15 outside the downtown area. It’s a unique, interesting way to feed people through a lunch meeting at work, especially since it’s easy to get vegetarian meals for those that want them.


Corey was kind enough to show me what they offered during the week, but added that special orders are more than welcome. WFB can also cater events. If you’re up for something a bit different and want to help support a new local place, give World Food Bar a try.


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I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.

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