Blackberry Thyme Crisp

I’m going a bit nuts with the crisps and cobblers, but I’ve got all this great fruit that I want to use up, and crisps are quick and easy and not too bad for you. There’s a spot a couple miles from my house that sells blackberries.  It’s not even a farm, just a house, ... Read More »

BBA Challenge 5 – Ciabatta

I’ve been behind in my Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge baking.  There are a couple of reasons, but mostly because some of the recent ones have been very dessert oriented, and I’m trying to avoid that somewhat.  I’ve also been lazy, of course. Last week, I got everything going to go with ciabatta, however.  I’ve actually ... Read More »

That’s the stuff (as in stuffed peppers)

I’m going to admit something that may just get me kicked out of any barbecue group that I’m in.  However, if any of those other barbecuers try it, they may change their mind. I love burnt ends.  I think that’s about as good as barbecue gets when they’re done right.  Burnt ends are simple to ... Read More »

How ’bout them peaches!

I am all for the locavore movement, eating foods from as close to home as possible. Unfortunately, Ohio doesn’t get a really great peach crop, and I love peaches in July! So I break down and buy peaches from out of state. A local grocery always gets fantastic peaches in July, and they were on ... Read More »

Artisan Steak Tastings in Dayton & Cincy

On July 29th and 30th, Carrie Oliver of the Artisan Beef Institute and Oliver Ranch will be in SW Ohio with me to do 2 artisan steak tastings. Both tastings will be held at Cooks’ Wares stores. On the 29th, we’ll be at the Springboro store at Settlers Walk, and we’ll be at the Montgomery ... Read More »

Grill Envy

I love my grills; I wouldn’t trade my Bubba Keg Grill and XL Big Green Egg for much of anything. But on the Fourth of July, I was invited to a cookout by some friends. It turned out I’d briefly met the host before, when he cooked at a bbq contest with a friend of ... Read More »

Tastecasting – World Food Bar

I recently signed up for Tastecasting events in Cincinnati.  What’s Tastecasting? It’s pretty simple, really. Restaurants and food establishments invite a group of socially-networked people to try their food. There’s no charge to the attendees, but we are asked to blog about it and talk about it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’m going to be ... Read More »

Bucky’s Barbecue & Bread becomes Livefire

It’s been over three years of blogging now, with Bucky’s Barbecue Blog becoming Bucky’s Barbecue & Bread.  This week brings on the next step, as Bucky’s Barbecue & Bread gets transformed into Livefire! Why the change?  Several reasons, really. I got tired of people calling me “Bucky”.  The blog name came from the competition barbecue ... Read More »

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