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Let’s face it… Bacon is the new black. what used to be just a side dish with breakfast now gets used in ways we would have thought nuts 15 years ago.

I’ve had bacon in a chocolate bar, fixed bacon wrapped fresh figs and pig candy. I’d even seen bacon topped cookies.

I wanted to go one further, though. I made my favorite chocolate chip cookies and added 1/2 pound of crispy bacon!

I didn’t want all this bacony cookie goodness just sitting around, as I don’t need to eat all of that, so I asked some Twitter friends if they’d like to try them. Parker Flats was offered up to host at the Schwartz’s, so several of us were off to downtown last night!

The verdict on the cookies was that they were good, but they could have used even more bacon! I was afraid to overpower them, but next time I’ll double up the bacon! I also had some pig candy, made with brown sugar and ancho chile powder, which didn’t last too long once people tried it, and a loaf of brioche, which went really well with some cheese spread Carla and Tom of Hoperatives. They also brought some really hoppy beer, Party Town’s Rye 75. Hoppy, with shot of rye at the beginning.

This was my first time getting together face to face with Cincinnati Twitter friends, and we had a great evening. A couple I hadn’t talked to before were there, Annamarie and Scott, and Bryan Sherman came by, one of the guys that joined me for lunch last week at Jim Dandy’s BBQ. The weather was good, and the Tweetdeck was opened up to a breeze, with the Reds game playing in the background.

Now I just have to talk all the Cincy people into coming out to the country this summer for a get together. Maybe a barbecue happy hour of burnt ends and beer will entice them out!

About Curt McAdams

I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.


  1. I think it is high time that bacon found its rightul place in our cuisine. However, all that comes to mind when I read your post is a quote from Homer Simpson: “Mmmmmm. Baaaaacoooooon.”

    I found you through TasteSpotting and wanted to tell you about my new website. It’s for photos of food that have been declined at some of the other sites, like TS. So, if you ever have something that is not accepted there, I would love to publish it. Come by and check the site out. It’s a lot of fun!


  2. Hmm. I’m really intrigued. Are you crazy or a genius??? : )

  3. Michelle,

    The only way to find out is to try these yourself!

    Honestly, I just took a cookie recipe I already knew was great and added bacon… I’m not the first to do it, though.

  4. This is ridiculous. Not only are you mixing two things together unnecessarily for the novelty of it, you’re using bacon.

    And bacon is the new black? Try thinking of it as an unnecessary waste of our resources, and is cruel to the creature you’re eating.

    Hope you enjoy your cookies.

  5. Alice,

    It’s very apparent you’re against meat in general. I’d rather have people use bacon than just throw out parts of the pig that wouldn’t otherwise be used. I think it’s more cruel to be wasteful of what the animal has offered us than to only use the choicest parts.

    Your opinion of it being a novelty is just that, your opinion. I didn’t ask you to eat them, but my friends seemed to really enjoy them. The main response I got was that the cookies were great, but would actually benefit from more bacon.

    Your comment shows a very biased view of meat in general, which is your right. However, I don’t agree with it.

  6. Alice, chill out. If you have such extreme opinions join an organization and get off the food sites!

  7. My opinions are not particularly extreme. There are over 400 million vegetarians worldwide. Curt obviously chose to publish my comment so that he could respond to it.

    I don’t particularly find my opinion biased, because it’s based on all sorts of information I’ve studied on resources, animals, and ecosystems. I do feel that my opinion is an educated one, I just feel upset that meat is used as a novelty rather than as a necessity.

    Either way, Curt chose to publish my comment, and if he dislikes my comments and doesn’t want to publish them, that’s his choice as well.

    I am a definite food lover, of all varieties. Particularly uncooked, superfoods, and many different ethnic dishes. I’m not getting off the ‘food sites’ because I have just as many rights to express my opinion as you do. Moderators and blog owners can do what they want.

    Also Curt, I do appreciate the concept of not wasting an animal once it is slaughtered!

  8. Ok, I’m going to end the arguing now. I don’t feel it was just a novelty, but Alice is free to have her opinion.

    I’m also a fan of some vegetarian dishes, and have friends that are very into raw foods.

    But there’s really no reason to argue anymore at all, as I’m not going to publish it. :) Bacon chocolate chip cookies may not be your thing, and that’s fine. They’re honestly good stuff, and my friends seemed to really enjoy them.

  9. Very interesting idea to add bacon to chocolate chip cookies. May be worth a try…who knows.

  10. Justin,

    I just made a batch to take into a local office, and everyone that tried them said they were great! The worst thing is that you’d throw out a batch of cookie dough, but they’re not that expensive to make, and chances are that, if you like bacon, you’ll like these.

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