new stuff on the grill, hit and slight miss

The weather continues to bounce back and forth between spring-like and mid-winter in Ohio.  I took the opportunity on the spring-like swing to try a couple of things on my new Bubba Keg Grill (which I’m liking more and more as I use it).

grilling asparagus

The first thing I tried I saw on a BBCA show called Restaurant Wars, and it couldn’t be much simpler.  It was basic asparagus, served with a soft boiled egg.  I am going to do this again, as it was GREAT!  Especially considering the asparagus was grilled nicely, as the sun started to hide behind the trees on the opposite side of the hollow in which we live.

I did a simple four minute egg, though I should have put it in colder water, as it very slightly cooked a bit much. It was still good; it just would have been even better if the yolk had been a bit softer. All that I did was drizzle a bit of olive oil on the asparagus and take off the top of the egg, then dip the asparagus in the egg. Next time, I think I’ll add just a touch of fresh lemon juice, too. It’s basically a deconstructed asparagus with hollandaise sauce!

asparagus w/ soft boiled egg

This was the ‘hit’… Now for the slight miss:

For the main course, I had some fresh fennel which I sliced to grill along with some really great Du Breton bone-in pork chops. The chops had only salt and pepper on them, but got basted on the grill with molasses and cayenne. The fennel just got a bit of salt and pepper, and the slices got grilled until softened, with good grill marks.

pork chops on the bubba keg grill

The pork chops were great; I’d made these before, so that was a no brainer. The fennel was what was the slight miss. I say slight only because, on its own, the fennel is a bit much, even cooked. As an ingredient to a panini sandwich (read “leftovers the next day at lunch”), the fennel worked great. It’s just not something I want all on by itself.

pork chops with grilled fennel

I can’t believe I accidentally deleted the photos of the panini I fixed with pork chop, fennel and Taleggio cheese on rustic French bread. I will say it was a very nice panini, though!


Tom says this is all good stuff! Ok, he doesn’t, but he was my best man, six years ago this Saturday, and we had a great lunch earlier in the day.

I’m going to grill more fennel, but as part of a salad or use in other things. I will be doing more soft boiled eggs to fall victim to asparagus dipping!

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  1. Drool over those asparagus! I’m not big on pork chops… just because I always, always dry them out beyond repair. I’ve tried everything… brining, etc., but I’m a lost cause. Yours looks anything but dry! How do you manage that?

  2. RG,

    Brining should help, but also make sure they’re good quality and thick-cut. i like over 1″ pork chops. Then make sure you don’t overcook them. They only need to be about medium; I cook to 145 degrees then let them rest for a few minutes before cutting into them.

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