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There’s a site I frequent that I mention on here now and then called the BBQ Brethren. This site is the third barbecue related forum I joined, at the suggestion of Neil, aka the Survival Gourmet.

At first, I thought it was a good enough site. As I got involved, though, I found a group of people that went beyond reading posts about barbecue. Don’t get me wrong; the site has some of the best barbecue and cooking advice you’ll find anywhere. The [mostly] guys on the Brethren site, though, seemed to respond more genuinely to each other.


Over time, it’s become my go-to site on the interwebs. For instance, when I lost my dog over 2 years ago, I tried going to a pet loss site. The site was fine, but didn’t help me. I posted messages on the Brethren forum, though, and I got not only messages that meant something back, but people giving my their phone numbers to call just to talk about it. Phil, the site founder, spent more than one long call talking to me about his own dogs. This helped me through that time about as much as anything was able to help.

When I got the idea to put on an event at my church to give away barbecue, I posted something on the forum about it. Not only did I get volunteers from as far as 4-5 states away, I got volunteers with money to support what we were doing. We were able to give away 1250 sandwiches in less than 45 minutes. There were some people that cooked that weren’t part of the group, but it was mostly the guys from the site that stepped up.

So a few months ago, JD got an idea to do ‘throwdowns’. Some of you may have seen the Bobby Flay show, but we were only online, so head to head battles would be tough. Instead, JD would pick a theme each week, and anyone that wanted would cook that item on a grill or smoker, then post photos of it. The voting isn’t by a panel so much as anyone that wants to vote via poll for the winner.

Ok, all that as background, the throwdowns have kind of organically changed to allow the winner of one week’s throwdown to set the theme for the next. This allows everyone time to figure out what to cook, how to show it off, etc. (after all, the voting is on nothing but photos). Last week’s theme was basically sausages, of any type… hot dogs, brats, chorizo, whatever.

I wasn’t even going to enter, but my wife mentioned she wanted some ribs over the weekend, so I figured I was going to be cooking anyway, so I might as well get some sausage to throw on with the ribs.

Ribs on the BGE

What I got was some chorizo, along with Swiss chard, sweet peppers, orange and purple carrots and parsley root (looks like white carrots, tastes really good).

So the day began by putting the ribs on the BGE (Big Green Egg) and going off to church. As expected, we got home 3 hours later to find the BGE churning away right at 225, and the ribs were looking pretty good. About 3 hours later, I added some chipotle glaze instead of barbecue sauce and let that cook onto the ribs for a bit before taking them off.

Ribs on the XL BGE

The chorizo then went on for about 25 minutes, slowing heating up. I then got the fire going with the plate setter off to grill the sausages along with slices of sweet pepper. And while that was happening, the carrots and parsley root were roasting in the oven with some butter (I could have done that on the BGE, but I just decided to do them in the oven for some reason).

Choriza with Sweet Peppers and Baby Carrots

As everything was finishing up, I had some Black Mission figs that were all going to go bad if I didn’t do something quickly, so I stuffed them with Shropshire Blue cheese and wrapped them with bacon, to throw onto the grill as it cooled down a bit. I also did some jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese, but I didn’t get any photos of those. As they say on the Brethren forum, no photos, didn’t happen.

Fig Stuffed Macro

Black Mission Figs stuffed with Shropshire Blue cheese and wrapped in bacon

All in all, a good day of cooking, and eating, too! All because I needed to enter a throwdown… By the way, I didn’t win! I haven’t yet, and don’t really expect to, though I may have a trick in mind for this week’s entry, which is kabobs! Wish me luck!

Black Mission Stuffed Macro

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I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.

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  1. Hi Curt,

    It’s Jan again…. Beautiful food blog!

    I love the idea of the throw down…. by any chance, the “Brethren” folks you refer to, are they from the Church of the Brethren? If so, I’m even more interested in talking to you…. I put on a large event each fall that would be a good fit for this type of event…

    I love DLM! I used to be a food broker, did trade shows all over the country promoting gourmet foods…and people who knew about DLM always shoved up when they knew I was from the Dayon area.

    I always feel like I should put more photos on my web site but I’m divorced with sons in college…so I don’t cook as much these days.

    All my best,


  2. Jan, thanks! The Brethren is just a bbq site, not affiliated with the Church of the Brethren. But I’d like to know more about the event. My church, the Dayton Vineyard, is doing its 2nd annual Pretty Good BBQ this May, where some of the guys from the BBQ Brethren and some locals will cook bbq for the neighborhood for free.

    Food broker sounds like a great job for a foodie… And I really do think dlm stacks up with about any market I’ve been to, including Dean and Deluca, etc.

    With college age sons, you likely don’t have time to photograph food when they’re around, anyway. :)

  3. emmmmmmmm the figs look amazing.

  4. I find that fresh figs are really flavorful… dried, not so much. But these were very good, and the bacon got nice and crispy.

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