sonic-inspired breakfast (and Christmas countdown)

It’s now 24 days until Christmas, and my early present is I got a new job!  Yea!

I may be nuts, but I kind of like the Sonic commercials.  The latest breakfast treat is their sausage biscuit dippers.  I decided to do my own version, which I call Dunkers, to make sure I don’t infringe on their name.

It’s simply a deconstructed sausage gravy over biscuits, in a manageable package.  First, I put a one and a half pound Bob Evans sausage log on the smoker to make a fatty.  No seasoning, just the sausage this time.

Then, I made biscuits using Nicole’s recipe, which is easy and very good.  They’re quick, but so much better than the biscuits in the tube.  They don’t have to rise, and they bake in about 10 minutes.


When the sausage was done (165 degrees internal), I made sawmill gravy.  I put 4 slices of the fatty into a cast iron skillet to sear it nicely.  I took 2 tablespoons of the fat that dripped out of the sausage and put it in the skillet after setting the sausage aside.  Then I added about 1/4 cup of flour, whisking into the fat and cooking the flour.  This is basically making a roux. Once the roux was nicely browned, I added a 2 cups of whole milk.

Now the important part of the sawmill gravy…  I made sure to get all the sausage goodness up off the skillet into the gravy, giving little bits of seared sausage.  I let the gravy cook down until it ws nicely thickened, and it was ready to go, after adding a bit of black pepper.

Sawmill Gravy

Now to the Dunkers… I just split apart a couple of biscuits and made sausage sandwiches out of them.  I added a side of sawmill gravy, and just dunked the sausage biscuits into the gravy.

Sausage Biscuit Dunkers

Why is this stuff so good???  I don’t know, but I really don’t care for sausage on its own; in a Dunker, that’s a different story!  I can’t wait to have breakfast tomorrow!

By the way, I didn’t salt the gravy, as the sausage would provie plenty of salt  If the sawmill gravy is put over biscuits without sausage, a bit salt might be needed.

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  1. mmmm.

    i haven’t had buscuits and gravy in FOREVER. god i can’t wait to come home for x-mas.

  2. Oh my gosh, my husband loves biscuits and gravy – these look fabulous. We don’t have TV so I don’t know the commercial, but I love the “dunkers” idea.

  3. John,

    If Cincy is where you’re going, it’s going to be cold the way things are going! And it’s tough to beat Bob Evan’s sausage gravy for a quick fix.

  4. Heidi, you might be able to see the commercials on their website. I find them slightly funny. The dunkers were good because I didn’t need any silverware, and there’s something wholesome about making sawmill gravy in cast iron for some reason.

  5. Dunkers is a great idea. Who doesn’t like gravy….
    Mmm… By the way where did the year go?

  6. My wife isn’t a great fan of gravy, actually.

    and the year went fast, that’s for sure. I can’t believe the first decade of the 21st century is so close to being over!

  7. I love Sonic commercials so much, it actually makes me CRAVE me some Sonic. And there are none around her. NONE.

    The closest, because I checked in 4 hours away. In COLUMBUS, OH! UGH!

    Mr. T totally laughs at me for craving Sonic. Their Lime-Aid so ROCKS! But Mr.T craves Jack-in-the-Box … not so funny now, is it?

  8. Melissa, Sonic is expanding, so it could get to Pittsburgh soon! There are more around here, kind of all of a sudden. My favorite is the orange cream slushie!

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