more Christmas dinner – potatoes!

This year, I’ve really enjoyed the Christmas or winter brews that are available.  I’ve always been partial to English ales, and Ridgeway does a series of ales each year for Christmas that are great. I first had a Insanely Bad Elf, which was a nice red ale with a bit of spice.  I also had ... Read More »

Christmas beef wellington

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. This year was a bit different for us. For most years in the past quarter of a century, I’d gone to my sister’s house on Christmas morning, after first doing the present opening thing at my house, wherever that was at the time. My sister lives in Atlanta ... Read More »

a quick Christmas ham tip

It’s Christmas Eve! One day left until Christmas!!! So what’s on your list for Santa this year? There are some things I’d like to have, but nothing I really need at all. If I get any camera stuff, hopefully readers will see the results of that! So with it being Christmas Eve, I have a ... Read More »

Christmas and stuff from my iphone

I am sitting at my desk at lunch and realizing I have a lot to do for Christmas still. I have a handful of cards to still get out, and some gifts to still buy. And I am blessed beyond reason to have a great new job, making more than my last one. It has ... Read More »

a new favorite eggnog

It’s only 13 days until Christmas… And I have all my shopping yet to do! We decorated our tree early last week, and we did our tradition of having eggnog while trimming the tree. Before, we had done a simple but good eggnog that I talked about last year.. This year, I tried one I’d ... Read More »

Christmas is in the air

We went shopping today, mostly for my new job.  It’s the first time in 14 years I’ve had a job where I had to dress ‘business dress’.  I have almost no ties left; almost all my wardrobe has been geared to business casual.  So I bought some ties for the first time in a LONG ... Read More »

the gift of cookies

It’s now 22 days until Christmas! We were going decorate the tree tonight, but we put it off until tomorrow, when we have a bit more time. I’ll be making Alton Brown’s eggnog and watching Rudolph in HD! I am catching up on things I should have done long ago. Among them, Melissa of From ... Read More »

more turkey leftovers

The Christmas Countdown continues, too! It’s now 23 days until Christmas!!! Our tree is standing, and the giant kitten is leaving it alone, so we’ll be decorating it tomorrow night… While Rudolph is on. We have the DVD, but CBS is showing Rudolph in HD! To finish up the Thanksgiving Day leftovers, I realized I ... Read More »

sonic-inspired breakfast (and Christmas countdown)

It’s now 24 days until Christmas, and my early present is I got a new job!  Yea! I may be nuts, but I kind of like the Sonic commercials.  The latest breakfast treat is their sausage biscuit dippers.  I decided to do my own version, which I call Dunkers, to make sure I don’t infringe ... Read More »

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