Christmas countdown and more tday leftovers

Boy is my face red!  I missed another day, with Christmas tree buying and running here and there, I missed a countdown day!  It’s now only 25, that’s 2-5 days until Christmas!  We’ve got a tree we cut down at the Spring Valley Tree Farm, which is just a few miles from the house.  We’ve ... Read More »

Post Thanksgiving

I skipped the Christmas Countdown yesterday, partly because I decided to take a holiday from being online too much and partly because I got up too early and was tired. But to start back up, it’s now 27 days, on today, Black Friday, the retail day of retail days, until Christmas! We’ll be getting our ... Read More »

thanksgiving prep and Christmas countdown

We’re continuing the Christmas countdown, now at 29 days! Rudolph and Hermie will continue to keep us updated through the next month! I was hoping to have time to do a bunch of prep for Thanksgiving to show, but it’s been a hectic week already.  Actually, I’ve been in a flurry of job interviews, which ... Read More »

the Christmas countdown continues

I have had a very uneventful day so far, other than I got a deal on a 40 lbs. bag of Humphrey charcoal, got a reaplacement fire ring for my XL Big Green Egg (the original cracked and was replaced at no charge!), and I got a baking stone that fits the XL Big Green ... Read More »

the Christmas countdown

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I am going to start a Christmas countdown! Why, you may ask?  Because I took 31 photos of my Rudolph Christmas Countdown last year!  So I will be posting one of these every day until Christmas. I’ve mentioned Rudolph before (last year), as it’s my favorite of ... Read More »

wine party 2008

Earlier this month, my wife and I threw our 5th annual McAdams Wine Party.  The first couple of years of the party were kind of forming what has become the party now, with varying success then. I’d been told that wine parties are supposed to have 8 or fewer people, but we’ve found we prefer ... Read More »

if a tree falls in the woods…

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one took a photo of it, did it really happen?  It’s been a thing on food forums for some time that if you talk about something you cooked but didn’t take photos, then it never really happened… Part of a bad attempt to get people to ... Read More »

give me Krystal!

Yesterday, I talked about one of my favorite Atlanta food destinations, the Varsity.  There’s more to food in the South than that, though. It’s true that barbecue is from the South, but I make barbecue at home.  I’m all for going for barbecue when I’m there, but the place I make sure I stop for ... Read More »

eating a little atlanta history

I’ve had ties to Atlanta for most of my life now.  It’s eye opening to realize that my dad moved to Atlanta almost 27 years ago!  That’s almost 2/3 of my life, and it’s 1/4 of his!  Dad has lived in different areas of the city, from Roswell to Big Canoe (north of town a ... Read More »

iphone blogging

I’m doing a couple of new things on the old blog… I just updated my WordPress version, which has temporarily caused my ‘’ address to not work. This will be fixed, hopefully quickly. And with that, I can now blog on the run! My iPhone has the WordPress app, so I can blog from virtually ... Read More »

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