back to the barbecue basics

I really do enjoy doing new things on the Big Green Egg, figuring out how to smoke something that’s not usually smoked or how to bake something on the BGE instead of in the oven.  Sometimes, though, I have to get back to what gets most people into smoking… Basic barbecue! Barbecue as I know ... Read More »

i love great espresso!

Yeah, I know.  Everyone loves great coffee, or at least lots of people do.  I really love it, but the odd thing is I don’t drink it very often.  I kind of have to be in the mood for it. I have a friend that used to own a coffee bar…  Think Starbucks but much ... Read More »

smoked tomatoes

I don’t remember a year where our tomato season has lasted so long.  It’s mid October, and we’re still getting tomatoes! I stopped by our favorite local tomato supplier, a family that just has a great garden and sells their tomatoes out of their barn.  There were tons of Roma tomatoes, so I loaded up ... Read More »

apple galette

We’re having a great autumn in Ohio, with warm weather, which has made for a good apple season.  Yea! I wanted to try something a bit different than another apple pie (though nothing’s wrong with another apple pie), so I took the prompting provided by Nicole at Pinch My Salt to do a galette.  Galette ... Read More »

kitchen close-ups

I’ve been in a rut lately, not very inspired, so I decided to get out some kitchen utensils and playing around with the camera a bit.  I have a set of extension tubes for my camera which are fun to use.  They basically fit between the camera and the lens, which changes the point at ... Read More »

“live” festival photos, part deux

More photos!  These include yet more food, including a great reuben sandwich, a brat with kraut, and spiced almonds (can’t resist that cinnamon smell near the booth!) on a caramel sundae.  I’m krauted out, until next year! Read More »

“live” festival photos

The 2008 Ohio Sauerkraut festival is in full swing.  We took a quick trip into town, paid $5 at a local church to park (money goes to the youth group), and had some sauerkraut.  I’m just going to share some shots as we go down this time and again a bit later when the crowd ... Read More »

the best $3 burger I’ve ever had

My wife and I decided to go for a drive yesterday, and we ended up at the ‘trendy’ shopping spot of Dayton, Ohio, called the Greene.  It’s one of those outdoor malls with a fountain and bands playing and apartments and a Cheesecake Factory, of course. We just wandered around a bit until we ended ... Read More »

autumn festivals are here!

One thing I enjoy about fall in Ohio is the abundance of festivals.  It’s not so much the crap sold at most of them, but the food!!!  Over the past several years, it seems better and better food is made available at festivals.  From bourbon chicken to made-to-order potato chips, maybe even a deep-fried twinkie ... Read More »

My first chimichurri sauce

I was watching the Food Network the other day, and Tyler’s Ultimate was one.  I actually like this show, and I think Tyler Florence has some great ideas on the show.  Last week, he was making pork tenderloin with chimichurri sauce, and it made me remember having something similar on our honeymood in Aruba. When ... Read More »

Simple breakfast

Sometimes simple is better, and we all have to think about what we’re eating now and then.  Thanks to my wife, my standard breakfast has become one of those simply better things…  Oatmeal. And when I say oatmeal, I’m not talking about those packets of quickly nuked, precooked oats with lots of extra stuff like ... Read More »

Smoked apple pie? You bet!

Autumn is my favorite time of year. That said, it can also be less than great.  For the 5 1/2 years my wife and I have been married, something has happened every year around fall, including the loss of pets each of the last two years.  This year finds me looking for a new job. ... Read More »

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