Variations on a theme, or sandwich jazz

I’ve not been cooking a whole lot lately, as I’ve been very frugal.  I’ve been looking for new work and just trying to cut back until something comes through that I think is a good fit.  Coupled with that, my new venture into the Adopt-a-Blogger program by Kristen has me thinking sandwiches, thanks to my ... Read More »


Kristen over at Dine and Dish came up with a great idea a while ago of pairing up bloggers to help new bloggers.  I figured I’ve done this for a while now and could help out, so I tentatively said I’d help out as an ‘experienced’ blogger.  Well, I recently got my adopted blogger! It’s ... Read More »

How to be a locavore

What’s a locavore?  The word was the 2007 New Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year, and it means someone that eats foods produced locally.  And there are some that think it’s a big deal to do so in today’s world. I think it’s a good thing.  The idea is to eat foods that are ... Read More »

Buckeye football wings & rings

I love college football, especially the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Last Saturday was the start of the 2008 season, with a potential big year for the Buckeyes, coming into the season rated very high (that school up north is nowhere to be seen in the rankings, of course).  To herald in the season, my wife and ... Read More »

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