Food Photo 101 – Lesson 5 Results

Finally, I have my results from Lesson 5 of Food Photo 101! I have to first say that having weekend time makes a big difference, and I hope others following along took advantage of having natural light. This time of year means I leave either in the dark or just after dark, and I get ... Read More »

Variations on a theme around the ‘net

I usually take a few minutes at lunch to catch up with several blogs, not all of which are food blogs.  I do read some stuff that might not be typical for food bloggers… Ok, there are plenty of football fans, but how about gun blogs?  I also read some Christian blogs, many of which ... Read More »

Happy Belated Birthday, Blog

January 11th came and went, and I got too busy to post anything about it. Ok, I mostly just forgot, but I’m not good with real birthdays, let alone blog birthdays! Bucky’s Barbecue and Bread, in whatever form, just turned 2!!! I was going to write all kinds of stuff about the last year, but ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 5

We’re back, now that the holidays are over. And here’s the lesson, from Nika… Before I get into the core of this lesson, I wanted to let you all know about a change to this course. To allow people more time to do these lessons, the timing has been changed (some of us do not ... Read More »

Fleur de Sel Caramels

I remember my first introduction to weird forms of sea salt. It was a few years ago while watching Napa Style with Michael Chiarello; he sells grey salt via his show and website. It’s actually great stuff. From there, I’ve learned that there are several forms of more natural sea salts that include color from ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 is Back – Contest Results

The holidays are over, and Food Photo 101 is starting up again. First thing up… Results from the Holiday Contest!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday and that you’re looking forward to a great 2008.As mentioned previously (FP101 Holiday Contest Prize Announcement and Food Photo 101 Holiday Contest and Food Photo 101 Holiday Contest: ... Read More »

Smoked Pot Roast

I’m like just about anyone else… Grey winter days make me crave comfort foods. Yesterday could have been colder (I think it hit well over 60 for the day), but it was drizzly and grey all day long, so it seems like a comfort food would fit just right for the day. January in Ohio ... Read More »

New Year’s Eve Cedar Planked Salmon

There’s a great grocery in Hamiton, Ohio, called Jungle Jim’s. The place is several acres under roof, with huge selections of wine, beer, cheeses, meats, seafood and all kinds of ethnic foods (arranged by region/country). My wife and I stopped by over last weekend, and they had a special on some wild caught sockeye salmon ... Read More »

Aunt Irva’s Best Ever Oatmeal Cookies

First of all, Happy New Year! I’ve been a bit preoccupied, but I’m finally posting again. My preoccupation has been Bucky McKatt (registered name is Congocoon Where Are My Buccaneers) This is another in my ‘best ever’ line. My wife makes really good oatmeal cookies, but these are my favorite. That’s partly due to history, ... Read More »

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