Pig Candy – A Great Christmas Appetizer

Christmas brings a lot of opportunities to socialize and throw parties. Whether throwing a party of just going to one, I like to have a few things that I can cook pretty easily in case I need to host people or just take something along with me to a party. (obligatory Christmas/Rudolph photo) I made ... Read More »

Egg Nog – It’s What’s For Tree Trimming

I’m going to go on record to state that I find store-bought egg nog to be of the devil. It’s pure evil in a carton, the Beelzebub of beverages. The reason I know this to be true is that I know what real egg nog tastes like, and it is NOT that demon-concocted slime that ... Read More »

menu for hope IV

Chez Pim is again heading up efforts for Menu For Hope.   Please consider bidding on items to help raise money for a very worthy cause.  If you’d like to see what the items are, www.chezpim.com has the list! (From Chez Pim’s website): What is Menu for Hope?  Menu for Hope is an annual fundraising event ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 4 Results

Lesson 4 starts pushing us down the path of thinking about the subject of our photos instead of how we’ve set up our things around the subject. Previous lessons were about settings on the camera and lighting, but this time I had to actually think about what was in front of the camera. Nika had ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 4

This is getting to be a lot of fun. Nika’s lessons are building on each other, and I already notice improvements in my photos. This week’s topic is Composition, which should start helping those of us that don’t quite put the right stuff together (I know I’ve been guilty of that). So, again in Nika’s ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 3 Recap

This is the review post of the third week of our Food Photography 101 series, in Nika’s words. As was previously the case, several people contributed their results to the Food Photo 101 flickr pool. This week’s contributors were: Curt LaRecetteDuJour NJYar Big Mill BB As you remember from this last Tuesday’s post “FP101-3: Depth ... Read More »

2007 Food Blog Award Nominations

The nominations have begun for the 2007 Food Blog Awards, hosted by the Well Fed Network.  You can nominate your favorite food blog in one or more of 14 categories from now through December 5. Once the nominations are closed, the top five blogs in each category will be announced on December 10.  Voting then ... Read More »

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