I hope I’m not disappointing anyone by not having a lot of Thanksgiving food this year. I’m doing the same as last year, pretty much, so if you search on ‘Thanksgiving’, you’ll get lots of stuff from 2006.

Instead, I’m relaxing a bit this week, if you call fixing a huge turkey and a regular turkey, cookies earlier this week and turkeys last week relaxing. Family is coming into town, which should be good.

I know I’m getting older. The holiday confirms it. It used to be that not only would I go to some relative’s house for holidays, but I might even sit at the kid’s table. Now, holidays are at my house. We don’t have a kid’s table, but you never know when that might change (not for us, but for others).

There’s good enough reason to have things at our house. My mom and sister have less than an hour drive, so they come down. My dad and stepmother are coming up from Atlanta, and my mom and dad can get along even though they’re divorced; that happened 35 years ago. My sister’s kids are coming in from wherever they are. My other sister is flying in from NYC, and my wife’s mom will drive down for the day. There’s no place else where all those different families would get together in one room.

I’m not going to get all sappy about what things for which I’m thankful, though my God and my wife top that list. One new thing for which I’m thankful, though, is our upcoming addition to the family, Bucky.

As I’m typing this, I realize that there actually will be a Bucky now, of Bucky McOinkum’s Barbecue and Bucky’s Barbecue and Bread. However, it won’t be a pig. Bucky is a blue tabby Maine Coon cat, and I just got photos of him today, at just about 4 1/2 weeks old. So, without further ado, have a great Thanksgiving (comment on any great stuff you had this year), and enjoy the debut photos of Bucky McKatt!

First Photos of Bucky McKatt

First Photos of Bucky McKatt

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I guess I'm a bit of a foodie, learning to cook from my mom, then getting obsessed with outdoor cooking, competition barbecue, bread baking and just about all things food. Lately, I've been trying to upgrade my photography skills a bit, though I still have a long way to go.


  1. I’m usually not into cat blogging, but that is one cute kitty. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Lydia, I’m not about to turn into a cat blogger, don’t worry! :) But these are my first shots from the breeder to see our new cat.

    I won’t, however, promise that I’ll never include a shot here or there of Bucky! After all, the blog carries his name. :)

  3. Now that is a sweet looking kitty.

  4. Hey, I used to have a cat named Bucky! We ended up calling him Biggolumps because he grew to be a HUGE, lazy, lovable lump. Your Bucky is darling!

  5. Suzi, I hope our Bucky doesn’t become too much of a lump… He’s already likely to be well over 20 lbs!

  6. I have a friend who wants a Maine Coon cat so bad! He has nothing but good things to say about them! I can’t wait to see more photos and hear more about Bucky!

  7. Nicole, I have a good breeder that breeds for temperament and health first, then size and the feral look that makes MCs so incredible. From what I hear, they’re a great combination of having the care of cats with a temperament that’s more doglike. Have your friend email me if he’d like more info on where we’re going to get Bucky from.

    I do promise I won’t turn this into a froofroo cat blog… But then, Bucky will NOT be a froofroo cat!

  8. Congrats on your new addition! He is a very handsome young man. Gorgeous coloring! I’ve been around that breed a couple of times, and they have always been very outgoing with all people and great temperments.

  9. Laura, Bucky will kind of be a Christmas present for us here; we’ll get him either the 15th or 22nd of December, just in time for Christmas. Usually, I don’t condone bringing pets into the house at Christmas, but we won’t have any kids around, and we’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get into anything too badly. The breeder thinks he’s going to be over 22 lbs… Not a small cat!

  10. That is the sweetest little kitten!

  11. Michelle, I’m excited about getting him home… I haven’t really been around kittens since I was about 7, and I’m looking forward to having some fun with him.

  12. He sure does look like a cutie! We once had 11 kittens (mommas got out, long story.. including my husband’s extreme love of cats and wanting our daughter to experience kitties). 1 is fine, 11 is overwhelming! Each one deserves all the love just like yours will certainly get! :-)

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