Pay It Forward

I’ve done maybe 1 or 2 web/blog ‘tag you’re it’ type things in the past, but I’ve kind of stopped doing a lot of that stuff. No one cares that my favorite movie is Bed Time for Bonzo (it’s not… Really, it’s not). There’s a new push going around that I thought was kind of ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 3 Results

Lesson 3 is all about depth of field (DOF). One thing I’ve noticed in looking at food photos is that really shallow DOF is used a LOT with food (sometimes too much, I think). However, it can be used to really good effect to highlight the details desired while blurring those not desired.   I ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 3

After a well deserved holiday break, here were are at Lesson 3 of Food Photo 101! I peeked at Nika’s photos for this and had a good idea that we were going to do one of the topics I’ve really been looking forward to doing, Depth of Field. Here’s the lesson, in Nika’s words… Depth ... Read More »

Chefs For Humanity

I was contacted last week by a Chef’s For Humanity, an organization founded by Cat Cora (you might know her from Iron Chef America). The goal of the group is to gather culinary professionals and educations to fight hunger around the world. I think it’s a great group of people to push fighting world hunger, ... Read More »

Pumpkin Bars

or My Favorite Thing My Wife Makes For Me That I Eat Too Much Of Too Quickly. But that title was too long, I thought. I do most of the cooking around hte house, but my wife does make a couple of things, and I let her. I’m not about to start making pumpkin bars ... Read More »


I hope I’m not disappointing anyone by not having a lot of Thanksgiving food this year. I’m doing the same as last year, pretty much, so if you search on ‘Thanksgiving’, you’ll get lots of stuff from 2006. Instead, I’m relaxing a bit this week, if you call fixing a huge turkey and a regular ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – On Holiday

One thing I realized I don’t think I’ve emphasized for Food Photo 101 is that this is an evolving instructional series. Nika and I talked about topics, but she’s coming up with the lesson organically and as she’s inspired. Because of this, we realized this week that life needed to take priority over the class. ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 2 Review

Here we have Nika’s review of my work for Food Photo 101 Lesson 2, along with several others that are following along… This week we had quite a few people contribute their results to the Food Photo 101 flickr pool. I am going to go through Curt’s results as well as those of the other ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 2 Results

Lesson 2 was all about directing light. I was hoping to have some good morning light again, as the time change means that it’s too dark when I get home to have much light coming into the dining room. Unfortunately, mornings this week have been cloudy, so not much luck for me having good natural ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 2

It’s time for for the 2nd lesson in Food Photo 101! Without further ado, here it is, in Nika’s words: Welcome back! I was so impressed by all of the work you all did on the last lesson, great job!We have begun to familiarize ourselves with our cameras with the last exercise (Food Photo 101: ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 1 Recap

The Sunday Recap is Nika’s review of the week’s lesson. I look at this as kind of the instructor’s review of my work. So, in Nika’s words… It has been a fantastic week! We have had more than 80 people sign up to participate and we have several submissions of image sets at the flickr ... Read More »

Food Photo 101 – Lesson 1 Results

Nika put together a great lesson for our first week. This is the second part of these lessons. After getting Nika’s lesson, I’m going through them, then posting the results. Why? I’ve seen a lot of tips on different sites where photographers listed things to do. I haven’t seen someone that’s not a photographer (like ... Read More »

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