Chocolate Taste Test

My recent trip to Pittsburgh has left me all kinds of stuff about which to write. One store that we tend to revisit in the Strip District is Mon Aimee Chocolat.


Mon Aimee Chocolat is a bit of a fluff store, to be honest, but it’s not too froo-froo. The store is tastefully done, but it’s just high priced candy. But boy is some of that stuff good! One item I love is an M&M type chocolate, with cayenne pepper. They used to have sea salt as well as black pepper, but they don’t anymore, and I think those two were even better.

I’m not a big candy eater, actually, but there are some things that I do love. English candy bars, mostly Flake, in fact, are some of my favorites. I probably like Flake bars as much because of memories when I was 11, and my family was in England on vacation. We got softserve ice cream cones, and each one had a small Flake bar stuck in it. If you haven’t tried a Flake, do so… It’s basically what its name says, flakes of chocolate kind of pressed together. This means that you get lots and lots of surface area, and, with chocolate, surface area = loads of chocolate flavor.

At the counter, I noticed a square ‘bar’ that looked interesting. It was dark chocolate with some lighter color, too. It was about four inches square, made by Chocopologie. One thing I’ve found about Chocopologie, by Knipschidt Chocolatier, is that they also make the most expensive chocolate in the world, a chocolate covered truffle that’s something like $2500 per pound. No, I didn’t buy one of those, but the bar I did buy was bad enough, at $8.95.

The bar is a dark chocolate with burnt caramel and Hawaiian sea salt. And last night, I decided to try it. My wife and I both took a square, and I let her try it first. Her reaction was that she hated it.

Unopened chocolate

Okay, I wasn’t surprised… She doesn’t really like dark chocolate. I took a bite, though, and my reaction was far different.

Opened candybar

This is, bar none (no pun intended), the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had. The burnt caramel didn’t overpower the chocolate (though I wouldn’t have complained), and the sea salt comes in with a texture and saltiness that’s just perfect. I mean perfect. The dark chocolate is just bitter enough to benefit from the sugar in the caramel, and the caramel just done enough to benefit from the bright saltiness that comes in over the top of it.

About to try it

I really hate spending so much on a candy bar, but this isn’t your dad’s old Hershey bar, or even his Hershey with Almonds! You can find these at, but it’s $13.00 to have it delivered. If you can find it locally, that’s great, but, knowing what I know now, if I had no other way to get it, I’d pay the $13.00 online!

Taste test is over

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  1. Oh! I really want to try that!! We dont have anything like that store here in Lafayette…not that I have found anyways. That looks like some gooood chocolate.

  2. Sarah, that’s why online is good. LA would likely have it, but Lafayette, maybe not. :) But welcome to the Big 10! does have the bar, though I don’t think I’d get a lot of them that way.

  3. I want one!! Those sound so good.

  4. Stef, be careful what you wish for… This thing could end up being dangerous. I had some more last night when I got home, and it’s hard to only have one square at a time.

  5. $13 per bar…oy. At least it looks big and sounds delicious! Maybe I’ll make it a Christmas gift. …to myself.

  6. Jim, why wait? I would bet you can find it locally for less… Just find a good shop in the area.

  7. That’s one heck of a chocolate bar! I want it now! What is the discoloring on the top? Is that the sea salt or caramel seeping through? It’s so intriguing!

  8. Hillary, I don’t know what it is, just a different color on the chocolate, most likely just for effect. It looks pretty cool, though. I just looked, actually, and it’s just a surface effect. What you can’t see in the photos is the glint of salt in the chocolate; I should have gotten a shot of the back of the bar, too.

    Now I’m sad; I’m down to just 3 squares left!

  9. I just wanted to say that I have been to the Strip District in Pittsburgh (I live 45 minutes south of there). Wonderful place to explore.

  10. Jolene, if I lived that close, I’d be making at least a semi-monthly trip up there. It’s a great place to spend a Saturday morning.

  11. I read about that candy bar in a magazine six months ago and its all I can think about I am getting one right now!!!!

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